View Full Version : Uh oh.....2nd Celica in teh house!!

12-31-2006, 07:36 PM
Just picked up another celica, but it's only a temporary house for her. She'll be goin back to PA in about 6 months.

I have some inlaws (Mary's aunt & uncle) who have a 83 GT liftback that's rusted to hell. They bought it brand new in 1983 and had it ever since. The 20 some-odd years of PA winters have taken their toll on her though. PA Inspection won't pass her due to amount of welding, bodywork, and bondo that was performed.

They requested I look for a 80-85 Celica down here in AZ (due to no rust enviroment). I found a 1984 with only 5 surface rust spots. She's not running, most likely due to a blown head gasket. I'm allowed to fix it up if I'd like (considering it) and drive it until she makes the trip back to PA to get a new engine. The engine and tranny in their celica is damn near perfect, without any issues.

Anyway, here's pics for y'all.


56k GTFO bishes.

01-01-2007, 12:51 AM
Good for you.
I would keep it and tell them to find another one. :D

david in germany
01-01-2007, 12:59 AM
See if it is a single row timing chain in it. If so I will send you the kit I have for the rebuild if you do it yourself. :)

01-01-2007, 01:27 AM
See if it is a single row timing chain in it. If so I will send you the kit I have for the rebuild if you do it yourself. :)
And how the FUCK can I tell? (the 22RE is greek to me)

And how much is that gonna run shipped from over there?

david in germany
01-01-2007, 10:29 AM
I got you covered, don't you worry about the cost. You need to pull the head when you do the Head gasket and you would be smart to do the timing chain at the same time.
22re's are soo Easy to work on you will laugh yourself to sleep when you are done ;)
I have a hookup on ebay for 22re parts and the dude is the bomb! My 4runner got an entire gasket set (including HG) from the dude on ebay, new valves (stainless)another source, New bigger cam (DO THIS) Ebay, and header ALL for under $300.

david in germany
01-01-2007, 10:35 AM
OOPS May bad I meant to say Dual chain. to see if it is the dual chain just pull the valve cover and if it looks like 2 bicycle chains connected (side by side) then it is the dual chain looks like this
This is the one I have.

01-02-2007, 07:48 PM
Well I didn't get the full cover off (broke a few tools trying to get the valve cover off....... stupid WD40 didn't work)...

But from what I saw thru a 1/8" crack... I see 2 chains.

david in germany
01-02-2007, 09:26 PM
So you are going to do the HG right?
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/TOYOTA-22RE-22REC-83-84-only-FULL-GASKET-SET_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33667QQihZ013QQitem Z230044489670
Send him a message and he will put together any custom kit you need of parts :)
His name is Bruce and Tell him David in Germany (tacobel2 on ebay) recommended him.