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12-24-2006, 06:13 PM
Well i am replacing my heater core, because well its dead. There are two diffrent types of heater cores for my car. I was wondering if anyone could give a little insight on the pros and cons of the two diffrent brands.

First one up is: Four Seasons Copper/Brass Heater Core. It cost 150.99

Second one up is: Ready-Aire Heater Core. It cost 62.96

Since this is obviously going to be a pain in the ass repair, and i plan on keeping this car until i die or it gets in a unrepairable car acident(god forbid). I want to use top quality parts.

So any insight at all will help out thanks.
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12-25-2006, 03:52 AM
Are they both JUST the heater core?
Example is, Toyota want's a large amount for the heater core, but it's not just the radiator inside, it's the ENTIRE thing....

So basically a large difference in price for just a core.
$60 sounds reasonable for a decent one.

However I don't know anything about either brand, so....

BUT, if you want to take care of your car and coolant system, use good quality coolant, distilled water, and FLUSH every 30 to 50 k [as in have a shop flush, not you running a hose through it...].

12-25-2006, 02:36 PM
Its just the radiator heater part, thats what all parts stores sell. I guess because you work for toyota you get stuff in a diffrent way.

Mine has definitaly burnt the dust, and replacing it is no easy task so i want to do it right...

The only diffrence i can tell about the heater cores is the material its made out of. The more expensive one is brass/copper. The other one is just copper i think im not sure.

When replacing it do you just use clamps to put it on, i have never replaced one before. Anything else i should buy? Gaskets, sealents anything?