View Full Version : requesting pics of 4th gen w/ short shifter

12-16-2006, 05:25 PM
i've had a hardcore bias against short throw shifters because i've seen so many of them done wrong, but after driving my '07 FA5 civic si and my '05 ZZE131 corolla xrs, rowing gears in my st165 feels more like shifting gears from on top of a latter with a broomstick than anything else.

i think half the problem is just the lack of weight in the knob. i know how retarded it would sound to me two weeks ago, but after driving the FA5, which comes from the factory with a weighted knob, it REALLY makes a difference.

anyway, i went to the TWM website and priced out a short-throw and a flat-black type R knob (curiously similar to my civics...). wondering if anyone has any feedback or pictures of a 4th gen with the short shifter. from the installation instructions on TWM's website, the shifter looks just a little short for my tastes, especially considering how far forward the shifter is in an st16x, but i would still like some feedback. also, does anyone know of any other companies that make good quality short-throws for the st16x?

sorry about the long post.

12-17-2006, 01:27 AM
This thing completely changes the feel of the car IMO. It makes it feel like a sports car when you shift. Initially it you will notice the difference in the amount of effort needed, but mine is with the stock knob instead of a weighted one so that would probably make a big difference. It shortens the throw significantly, I think the website advertises something like 50 or 60% and that's probably a good indication. As you can see from the pics the stick height is also nicely shortened. When I first installed it I did feel like I had to reach just a little bit, but of course that's true because the stick is shorter. You get used to it very quickly and I'd never go back to stock now.