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11-22-2006, 03:21 AM
Well I ended up picking up my winter vehicle, 1986 Celica GT, 2S-E engine, 5 speed, 203,000 kms, power nothing except steering, great little go-kart car :)
Now with the car being as old as it is it may need a little tune up, and I can notice now that the nights are getting colder (Gotta love Canada) the valves are getting a bit noisy. The owner told me this before I purchased the vehicle and said I may want to get the valves set to quiet them.

Here's my question:

How hard is it to do so? Will a mechanically inclined friend who can set his own valves on his Prelude be able to do the same on my celica?


If I decide to take it into a shop and get the valves professionally adjusted, about how much is this going to run me?

The car runs perfectly fine, no issues at all, however I wouldnt mind calming down these valves, when the car is plugged in at night it makes them perfectly quiet, however I dont want to feel the need to plug in my car EVERY night in the winter.

Also on another note, how hard would it be to swap my 92 5SFE from my GTS into this 86 GT? I know they say the "S" series will work because of the same motor mounts, does this take effect with the 2S-E as well?
I would want to swap over my 92 5SFE as well as the transmission and the ECU/wiring harness as well correct?
Reason I ask is because when/if I swap my 92 in the spring, it will either be a 3SGTE with a S54 transmission from a 94+ celica (3SGE) or it will be a 2nd gen 3SGE + transmission, so I will have a spare 5SFE lying around, and I think the 5SFE would be pretty fun in the dinky 86, considering the 2S-E only has 115 horse and less torque.

Thanks muchly! :)

11-22-2006, 03:58 AM
I wouldn't worry about the valves. Toyotas have notoriously noisy valve trains.
They almost never wear out of spec. If you replace parts thats another matter....

Price, I have no clue. Several hours.
It depends if they can replace the shims with the cams in or not.

The Prelude has a totally different valve setup I believe.
As far as I know, it has rockers. You don't have that.

If you swap in your 5SFE, you WILL need your ECU, and all the other crap too. :)

11-22-2006, 02:25 PM

Valve adjustment is cake (I've done it multiple times). A good shop can have this done in less than 2 hours (there's tools they can use to not take out the cams to replace shims).