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11-19-2006, 12:48 AM
So, this chick I work with is having some car issues that I'm trying to help her with. It's an 88 Ford Station wagon aptly nicknamed "The Hearse". A little humor about it first that I'm more than curious about. I had her pop her hood to look at a mysterious silver box that she said "was replaced along with the battery and the alternator". Said box is mounted to the shock tower on the DS. It has 2 wires coming out of it. One is a ground, and the other goes off god knows where. While observing this I did a double take to make sure what I saw was indeed what I saw. The bad part is, it was what I saw. It was a coffee can. A coffee can that was seriously mounted in the engine bay. This coffee can had one wire going out of it to, you guessed it, god knows where, but in the general direction of the firewall. I'm really REALLY wondering why someone would rig up such a setup. My reaction to it was "WTF is this??"

What's going on is the battery dummy light in the dash is going on and of at indecernable times, but she said she got a brand new battery and alternator in may and she was certain that the alt wasn't reman. I'm wondering what else could be going on with it? The battery terminals were in pretty good shape too. I'm hoping it isn't a small short somewhere that's grounding out and throwing the light.

Any suggestions on anything?

11-19-2006, 02:40 AM
pics of said coffee can or ban!

11-19-2006, 02:51 AM
The coffee can is no doubt some obscure part of the car. Unless it actually has a picture of Jaun Valdez on it, do not dismiss it as a simple ol' coffee can. I believe it is a part of the fuel system, but going on such a simple description, there is no telling. Are the belts tight? Is the battery holding a charge? It could be a multitude of things.

11-19-2006, 08:35 AM
Belts are tight, checked that myself, and she said that it hasn't yet failed to start so I'm assuming it's holding a charge. Mostly I'm going off of what she's told me and what I saw in like 10 minutes on my lunch break so you kinda gotta bear with me. I'll get a better look some other time, just gotta work the timing cause I barely know when I work, let alone her.

As for the coffee can, it was mounted in front of the brake booster with one line going into/out of it. I shook it, and it's mounted in solid. It also sounds completely empty from the simple tap test in that it makes the same sound as an empty can makes if you flick it. Beyond that I'm completely baffeled.