View Full Version : Stuck valves?

11-07-2006, 01:38 AM
Ok here is the story. Previous owner claims the engine is in great running condition. I go ahead and take his word for it, buy his engine and find out cylinder 3 has no compression, ZERO psi. I cranked for 15 seconds and still nothing.

Well took a flash light and looked down the cylinder via spark plug hole. Piston looks fine and the oil I dumped down there seems to be sitting in there pretty good so I'm "guessing" the rings should still be sealing pretty well. I cranked it and the oil spouts out the spark hole, which is a good sign that "maybe" the piston isn't cracked or melted.

So now I'm pointing at the valves. I did notice that the valves don't seem to be moving when I crank the engine. The exhaust valves for that particular cylinder looks gummed up with carbon build up all over it.

Would a pair of pliers do? :D PB Blaster?

11-07-2006, 01:40 AM
Could be valves or could be HG... try seafoam.

11-07-2006, 02:40 AM
Try a leakdown test.
It will tell you EXACTLY where it's leaking from.
Then you can go about fixing it.

Seafoam should help clean out anything in there however.
You might want to try several cans over a week or so.

11-07-2006, 04:55 AM
Well another problem I have is that I can't rev past 3000 rpms. It goes up and then it seems like the fuel just cuts out. I can go WOT, but the rev limit seems to have been set to 3000 rpms.

I am getting the TPS sensor code. Would this cause the rev limit?