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11-03-2006, 03:51 AM
Quick info:

Celica Z-R Gen 5 (JDM): Uses a 3S-FE engine 124BHP (Wank!)

Celica GT4 Gen 5 (JDM): Uses a 3S-GTE engine 200BHP (+/-)

Celica GTi Gen 5 (UK Spec): Uses a 3S-GE engine 154BHP (+/-)

Anyway, it was early Tuesday morning in Nottingham (UK), where the three of us decided to take to the streets and try and put the Z-R to shame, however this was not the case.

I know that the GT4 was going to own me from the lights turning green, but I was wanting to prove the GTi that I would frag him with my "Slow" Automatic Z-R! :thefinger

There are some modifications made to each car but nothing major, here are mine:

Magnecor KV85 Ignition leads (8.5mm)
SUS POWER Replacement Panel Filter
Magnaflow Cat-Back System Exhaust

So the race was from an intersection onto a motorway then take the second off ramp then round the round-a-bout, then all the way back again... first one there... wins! :D

My car is the only one that is Auto... so things are not looking good :squint: we all pulled up as the lights, by this time they where green but the streets where empty... we just waited for them to change to red... then green, so some mild and polite slander commensed, all the time this was happening all I could hear was Gerry's massive waste gate chattering in the background... Lights changed to GREEN!

We where off... the GT4's start was impressive, but that was to be expected, as for me the only way to get a decent launch was to hold at 4k rpm and then slide it into "L", I know this is not great for the tranny, but hey? Its not like I will be doing this for a while anyway. I had the "Power" button selected.

The GTi was next to me until I caught traction, then I just pulled away from him, I was taking quick glances in the rear view mirror, to see where he was, I can remember his car dipping twice from the gear changes, but at this stage all I was concerned about was trying to catch the GT4... By the time I was getting close to the second off ramp, the car was at 148mph, this speed was taken from a Greddy split track monitor, and is very accurate, which I must say... 148mph is a lot quicker than the Top speed tests I have seen on some car tests, anyway. The GT4 was not too far away, but the GTi was way back, at least 300 yards back! :owned: I approached the round about with the GT4 in my sights, there was a sign post with some slag on it and an embossed image of a dial... This reminded me of a very cheap mod that I made to the car when I got her... "Varipower IAT resistor"... It only cost 3.99 from a shop on ebay and all it is a shite dial calibrated 1-10 and it connects to the white cable on the IAT sensor, anyway... I know that rapid adjustments to the dial will have no effect, so with that in mind, I turned it to full... there was not much a difference, however I blipped the throttle... bammmm... there was a nice strong boost of power, mind you... it felt like it at the time.

The GT4's acceleration from lower speeds is fantastic but after about 90mph, it seems to loose that quickness, the return route is a bit further and yet again 147/148mph was on the digital readout, at this time I have no idea where the GTi got to, but he was no worries of mine :lolhittin The GT4 and my self where about 50 yards away from each other, and this lead was closing... FAST... as we reached the crest of the hill, the finish line was within sights, and that 50yard lead was now only about 15yards. The only thing that made sense was that his car being JDM was still limited, but there was no way that he was doing 118mph (I think thats what they are limited to?) anyway, the traffic lights where about 200 yards away, and now I was about 3 car lengths away from him... GT4 GOT :duh:

I sailed through the lights in the lead... and FLASH!!! the fuckers got me... 148mph on a speed camera... but fuckem cant trace me with out a tail reg plate number... :thefinger

The look on Gerry's face was absolutely priceless!, but then again he car has a limiter on it!... If it was not for that... he would have fraged me for sure, but hey! I won!!! :Ban1:

As for the GTi ... they are just wank!, and this is not the first time I have nailed a 3S-GE engine... must be a very lucky or, I have a quick 3S-FE, either way I have booked the Z-R into the Toyota garages Dyno/rolling road diag... that should enlighten me to what BHP she is actually putting out.

Tech question: What are the differences between the 3S-FE and the 3S-GE engine?

11-03-2006, 07:30 AM
hey your numbers are off buddy!!!

11-03-2006, 03:35 PM
Numbers? as in specs/speeds, I can assure you, they are correct.

ST182 Z-R 2WS, FWD 3S-FE 93kW - JP 1608
ST182 2.0 GT-i 16 2WS, FWD 3S-GE 118 kW @ 6600 rpm 186 Nm @ 4800 rpm
ST185 All-Trac, GT-Four 2WS, 4WD 3S-GTE 149 kW @ 6000 rpm 270 Nm @ 3200 rpm

93kW = 127BHP
118kW = 161BHP
149kW = 203 BHP


The fact that the GT-Four has a limited top end, makes it beatable. and those BHP ratings are from stock vehicles, I will let you know the exact output on Monday next week, as the car is booked into the dyno then.

My top speed was taken from a Greddy Performance Monitor, this monitors acceleration times... 0-62mph split times and 0-440 yard sprints, current trip speed and then braking times 62-0mph, there are many other features on this device, all of which have a near 100% accuracy.

Tell you one thing though... cant wait to get a GT-Four of my own!

11-03-2006, 03:47 PM
Well considering it probably took your car over a minute to get to that speed, I would hardly call that "owning" a GT4.

11-03-2006, 03:53 PM
Well no, but it makes me feel better :P

11-03-2006, 06:40 PM
Wrong forum. This belongs in the Drag Racing.

Oh, and we don't condone street racing here, carry on.

Luis C
11-04-2006, 02:57 AM
Its not the soapbox, its who drives it.

11-04-2006, 03:04 AM
Thats very true, took a drive in the Gti this evening home from work, I have noticed that the GE engines need higher revs to get moving, which a friend of mine with a Gen 6 174bhp JDM has mentioned the same thing, personally, I would prefer the 3S-GE motor, but I dont think its going to happen as the Z-R is going to given to my girlfriend, these are the possible choices:

Gen5 JDM/Euro GT4, I would prefer the JDM version as it comes std with Climate control.

Gen6 JDM GT (174bhp)

Gen7 Euro 18 vvti 5 speed, would be nice to have the 190bhp, but insurance on that particular model are extremely steep.

11-04-2006, 05:03 AM
Its not the soapbox, its who drives it.

MUCTHAVUCKING WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-04-2006, 06:54 PM
I sailed through the lights in the lead... and FLASH!!! the fuckers got me... 148mph on a speed camera... but fuckem cant trace me with out a tail reg plate number...
I never knew a 5th Gen wit a 3sfe could do 148.... thats amazing... What mods do you have?

11-04-2006, 11:30 PM
Magnecor KV85 Ignition leads (8.5mm)
SUS POWER Replacement Panel Filter
Magnaflow Cat-Back System Exhaust

oh and Iridium IX Spark plugs
IAT Sensor resistor mod (Hardly anything to rave about, but adds about +/-8 bhp)

I am not to sure if the engine is totally standard, ie Cyl head and cams etc. Because when the car was totally "stock" it was a lot quicker than the 3S-GE GT-R JDM and that was Auto Vs. Man.

But Monday will be the test, as I will have actually BHP outputs. but esstimated bhp is around 180, but could be wrong, 0-62mph = 6.4sec, that was taken from the Greddy monitor.