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11-01-2006, 01:01 PM
Ok ill try to keep this short...

I had Pro tint in dayton, ohio do my windows even though he cost like 20 dollars more then everyone else.

The guys lines sucked complete balls, im not even joking. He cut the corner in choppy striaght lines and didnt even go to the edge on any part of the side windows. And then he leaves adhesive on the rear window, evidently he didnt clean the rear window right. Which ok that pisses me off because i dont care if i had duck tape on my rear window holding up 30 day tags. It is his job to clean the window right? He tells me as a company its hard to sell adhesive until the window tint it on. I'm like you should of cleaned it properly if there was adhesive or not... But anyways i dont care i just want him to fix HIS mistake. I ask him if he will replace it right there, he says wait 30 days and we will see what happends.

I talk to other people and at most it takes like 5 days for the window tint to seal, and adhesive from duck tape or something is not going to disapear like magic... I was thinking if i waited 30 days the warranty would be up and he wouldnt have to deal with me anymore.

So i reported him to the better buisness bureu to see if that would get a reaction out of him. Evidently his wife handels that, she responds and plays the i should of called this would of been resolved blah blah we would gladly replace it.

So i wait a week before i call because im not in the mood to deal with pro tint agian because the owner is a complte asshole plain and simple. I did not want to deal with him, i knew he was going to be an asshole about it.

So anyways i call up today, i remind him who i am and what happend. He goes off on me saying the BBB would not do anything for me, and he dosent know if hes going to replace it. Then he pretty much becomes a complete asshole saying im angry because you had to report me to the BBB instead of calling up and talking to me, i told you to wait 30 days as my expert opinion i dont care what other places say. Hes a complete asshole the entire fucking time im talking to him, he even said i was threatening him. I told him clearly i was never threatening him, and i reported him to BBB as a last ditch effort. He said it wasnt a last ditch effort you could of called me. I told him i wasnt sure he would fix the problem, he said he told me the day i complained about it he would. I told him he said wait 30 days and we will see what happends that he would take care of me. He did not tell me directly if it does not resolve itself in 30 days he would replace it. He pretty much was beating around the bush when he said that, he would not confirm a replacment if it did not go away.

So i assumed he did not intend to replace it, so i tried to fix it with a last ditch effort at BBB. I would of called him but i didnt feel like dealing with him, hes not a very pleasent person to say the very least.

He then tells me hes been reported to the BBB 4 times in the last 5 years and its all been teenagers and it pisses him off. I tell him im not a teenager im 20 years old. He then says in an extreamly sarcastic voice oh 20 years old. That alone almost made me curse him out. He obviously does not know how to run a buisness, he cant even act his age hes like fucking 40. I keep my cool the whole time because its not me to get angry over stupid people. I argue with him over a couple points that i thought was his fault.

I tell him i obviously over reacted, but i was not sure he would replace it. Becuase of the simple fact he did not come out and say that. I apolgize and say it was not my intention to threaten or make his life harder on him.

He needs to grow up and do buisness correctly... He should never mock a customer, or behave like a idiot. I am extreamly pissed off, because he could of simple said he would not replace it on the BBB site instaed of being an asshole over the phone for 10 miniutes of my life. I have enough problem in my life dealing with some grumpy old geezer isnt helping me out.

He is replacing the tint but it was after apoligizing and stuff. He was mad and i told him i would probable be mad too... Although i would of handled things diffrently then him. I just hope he gets over it by the time he replaces it, im going to apoligize in person and hope it has a better affect.

11-01-2006, 04:49 PM
Yea, it's always good to see the kind of work the shop does before going there. Never go in blindly.

I don't know if you have frameless doors or not, but if you do it's better that it does not go all the way to the edge otherwise they might start peeling later. It's better to live a little bit of space.

91 celica st
11-01-2006, 07:20 PM
this works, ive done it numerous times

just simply tell him that the cost of the windows for you to tint was X amount (lets say $200), if he does not refund your $200 back you are going to take at least $1000 out of his buisness (i.e. broken windows)

say it in person, only 1 of 3 things can happen, he refunds your money after pitching a bitch about u thretening him

2. he hits you, witch is the best result becuase its SUE city

3. he refuses to do anything, and you break his windows

i have used this method on MANY (at least 5) occasions, and most the time #1 happens, 1 time i had the guy try to hit me mwitch resulted in him with a broken orbital bone. #3 has only happened once, and i went back and was like hey you gunna pay me my money yet and he said no so i went back and broke the front door window and went back and said hey you gunna pay me back yet and he gave me my money

fuck that guy

11-01-2006, 11:30 PM
Lol, vandalising will solve nothing. I dont know about where you live but if you do that here in dayton your ass will go to jail or a fine. But probable a day in the slammer.

He is replacing the rear window tint like i want, ill just be nice until hes done replacing it. I already ruined his reputation on automotive boards here in dayton. So nobody with any right mind would go there, most peeps here go to solarshade anyways. But i have to admit he gets ALOT of buisness because hes located smack dab in the middle of busy city.

Aventuily he will get whats coming to him, he was way too mad over a BBB report. I think he thought because i was a teenager im not... I'm 20 i told him that, and he mocked me like because im 20 im a idiot go figure...

But he was just extreamly mad, thats why i was being cival with him. 2 mad people will get me nothing. He said sorry if im angry but blah blah blah. I was just like your acting like an idiot and you have owned this buisness for over 20 years... He just hates young people i think thats obvious.

I'm 20 and i dont feel like getting in a fist fight over something like this. Dont get me wrong if he stepped over the line he would of gotten a diffrent result. He said i threaten him and blah blah. I told him it was never my intention to make it look like a threat and it never was a threat.

He was mad, and i can understand being mad you do stupid shit. I will never use his buisness again, but like i said 2 angry people solve nothing.

I did check someone referd me to go there he has had 4 cars done there. He could not belive they left an adhesive mark then told me to wait 30 days. Check with more then 1 person is all i have to say. And check www.BBB.com too, if they even have resolved issues call them up and ask them what happend.

91 celica st
11-02-2006, 01:20 AM
Lol, vandalising will solve nothing. I dont know about where you live but if you do that here in dayton your ass will go to jail or a fine. But probable a day in the slammer.

lol you would be surprised what you can get away with when theres no witnesses or any evidence. if no one sees you break his windows, and you have a frend saying you were with him that night, then you basically cant get in trouble. i like the old jacking trick.

you go do something vandalizing, i.e. breaking that guys windows. you immemdiatly go home and jack the car up, take the front 2 tires off, and pour a bunch of oil on the ground below and around the car. cops arrive shortly after and say they have a witness with you and your car at the scene. and all you say is "cant be officer blew the motor yesterday, cars goin no where" and they look at ur shit and go oh....

11-02-2006, 05:06 AM
What, are you like 17?

Anyway, Wait till the guy fixes the tint correctly, then organize some people to stand outside his business on the (public) street and tell people going in there how bad he sucks. He can tell you to leave the area right outside his front door, but he can't tell you to leave your spot on a public street. Hurt his wallet, that's the most effective way.

11-03-2006, 01:51 AM
I'm 20 years old, violence has gotten me in trouble in the past so i try to steer away from it. And if he wasnt going to fix it i was going to stand outside his esablishment showing off his shitty work with huge signs all over my car.

Hes fixing it thats all i want, i trashed his reputation big time. Nobody from the local automotive boards are going to use him. And trust me thats alot of people. I'm also going to ask BBB to leave a mark on his reputation for giving me shit.

And my friend got arrested over his girlfriend filing a report acusing him of threatening to kill her. Which he did not, but they arrested him anyways because a judge aproved it. She was the only one that heard it supposivley, the took him out of the middle of his class at college and threw him in jail. He had to hire a lawyer and post bail to get out of jail. And he is still fighting it to clear his criminal record.

Sadly enough cops can hold you for 24 hours for absloutly no reason at all.

11-03-2006, 06:28 PM
Oh, no, you're ok. I was talking to 91 Celica st for the first part of my reply. I'm completely on board with how you're going about it. I was simply posing a suggestion on how I would take it a step further. But that's me, I'm an ass.

91 celica st
11-03-2006, 06:47 PM
actually 19

and cops can basically hold you for 48 hours with very little probable cause

11-03-2006, 11:12 PM
actually 19

I'da lost money on that. Someone shoulda bet me.