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10-12-2006, 08:21 PM
The contendors:

2005 C200 Kompressor. 1.8 litre I4, Supercharged (eaton MP45), 163hp + K&N drop in cone filter, 5 speed auto.

1994 Supra N/A special edition (shorter gearing and stock LSD)
mods: K&N FIPK, UR pullies (all of them), Xerd header +wrap, Blitz downpipe, Greddy PE exhaust, HKS cam gears, TRD 1.5 LSD, SAFC.

1st race (3 weeks ago) 30mph-100mph roll on

We were both in 2nd gear... he got the jump on me and put about 3 cars between us...by 100 i had made up the distance and put a fender on him...we had to shut down because of traffic.

I did some math later and calculated his car to be only making 180hp :puke:
So he finally took my advice and got a tune up :) (being wasted by a 0-60 in 9.8 seconds car)

Round 2: new 2jzge 'mods' ... NGK Iridium plugs, 1 step colder , new cap, new rotor, new fuel filter (Recommended by yours truly), and new TPS recommended by midas...

This time we raced from a dig which sucks for me...2 races

first race, my ESP is on, his AC is on apparently :)

3,2,1 go...and i just put the pedal to the floor, thinking ESP will help me launch hard.... nope... the ESP light comes on, I'm standing still (literally) as the ECU has killed my power... while he just walks away... he probably got 2 bus lengths on me (like 20 car lengths) before i could get off the throttle for the 3rd time, roll out first and hammer second...

ESP off , less throttle at the launch...

3,2,1 go... i give it about 60% throttle, he's all out (i dunno what rpm he launched at but he was revving and i was idling of course (auto vs manual)
at the instant i said go, both cars swerved, his to his right, mine to my left leving this nice gap between us... then my ESP kicked in (but barely) and you could see his limited slip working as his car as heavy as it is starts tearing out the pavement even with his heavy 18s... he gets about 8 car lengths on me in 1st gear (much better than last time)... 6200 rpms, 2nd gear, bam i go full throttle now as i don't have to 'baby it anymore' and see if i can catch him... we hang at that same distance of about 8 cars upto 100mph locked at the same distance... :)

fuck! i need mods now as i'm in the process of finding the rest of his power (coolant bypass mod, giving him a few degrees of timing advance, adjusting his cam gears, street tuning his SAFC, and figuring out how to get some cold air to his FIPK (which is really killing him at low speeds)).

more to come ...

edit, i'm at 163hp right... with some mods i could be at 240 :) ...and that'd be about 30hp down from where he'd be when we're done with his car...but i'm also like 300-400lbs lighter than his supra

this may get really interesting :)

(possible mods)
Renntech pulley (+5 psi, 205hp)
Evosport underdrive accessory pullies (bought but not installed yet)
NGK LFR7Aix plugs
ATS 2.5" cutout
Powercardtuning fuel tuner or 2:1 FMU
Ram air intake pipe mod
Supercharger air pump bypass mod (+1.5psi below 4000rpms?)
Carlab motorsports header (-1psi +13 rwhp)
62mm throttle body port (+4 rwhp)
Weitec F-Series lowering springs (-0.8" front)
and lowering my tire pressure from 35 to 25? to get some grip in 1st. If i can take away his 1st gear advantage i can catch him :)

10-19-2006, 09:53 AM
fuck! i need mods now as i'm in the process of finding the rest of his power (coolant bypass mod, giving him a few degrees of timing advance, adjusting his cam gears, street tuning his SAFC, and figuring out how to get some cold air to his FIPK (which is really killing him at low speeds)).

-We got his coolant bypass done
-we set his cam gears at +2 exhaust, +4 intake (dynoed by another 2jz owner with the same mods for +15ft-lbs at 3000 and +10hp at 5300) with no power loss past 5300
-we found his base timing at 20* BTDC !!!!! (some idiot must've just rotated his dizzy all the way, so we set it to 13* BTDC and verified it with an OBD logger
-Fixed his IACV
-And found out that his huge bomex front opening was actually directly opened from under the headlight to the FIPK, that with his vented bomex hood means that once it's moving the FIPK isn't as bad as all the other shops we visited were complaining about...
- we fixed an exhaust leak.

So now, me stock + k&n
Him modded and fixed (but no SAFC tuning yet)...

he gets out of the shop to test out the power... (and his newly installed flame thrower kit ...which didn't work too well btw).. and he does a bunch of nice burnouts and drifts (LSD + full HKS/Eibach suspension) ... which to me means his power is there since a few weaks ago he could barely break traction gunning it mid turns at higher speeds... now he can just drift it off in first with some gas.

We get on the highway and i'm tailing him (he has no launch advantage) ...we come up to a nice clear road and gun it from 30mph up to about 100mph again ... I'm on his ass till the end of my 2nd, my auto takes 3rd at 6200 rpms (i dunno how fast that is actually) ... and then in 3rd he starts to walk me slowly but surely he's walking me when in round 1 i caught him and put some distance on him, in round 2 we were locked dead even, and now he's walking me (and it was a cool 29*c this time so my car was really eating up the boost not having any heat soak issues) ... so he's for sure faster :)

Talked to him afterwards...said it felt good again, responsive, like a car should feel.... but dyno says he's gained hp in the low rpms and the high rpms (3000 and less and 5000 plus) but that 3000-5000 range didn't change much...

here's the thing, a long time ago we had added about 5% in the higher rpms in the high throttle map and the car responded well ... before it was really choppy, and after we added that it started to pull hard up top. (this was a long time ago, before we changed his fuel filter, and adjusted his rediculously advanced timing) ... so now i'm thinking those corrections are moot.... especially since we know most supras run 10:1 at higher rpms stock ...

So next, gonna hook up an my o2 voltage gauge and tweak his SAFC a bit... I'm sure there's another 10-13hp in it ... and he's interested in milling the head :)... i think he caught the bug

I have an apexi world sport muffler on the way, and thinking of some Tein s-techs (so i can keep up a bit better around the twisties... and i need to get my evo sport pullies installed.. .then we can do a getaway in riyadh video (anyone recommend a camera + pod for this kind of thing?)

It's sad that i'm like 2 to 2.5 seconds slower 0-60 just because i can't get a launch out of this automatic tank... once we're rolling my car is really faster than the figures make it out to be.


11-05-2006, 09:45 PM
Nissan Altima 3.5 litre V6, Auto
30-80 mph roll on ... he walked me

Toyota camry 2.4litre vvti , auto
20-70mph roll on ...dead even...

On the way :

Apexi World Sport 60mm inlet muffler.
H&R rear sway bar
Some Iridium plugs

Now the question is Renntech pulley or not ...

11-05-2006, 09:45 PM

I can't catch him no matter what... his ECU has been adapting since we did the timing adjustments...

Took the car out the other day ... and raced a 2003 S500 (0-60 in the high 5s) ... His car is supposed to be 0-60 in low 7s or high 6s stock... so the S500 should've murdered us... but it didn't... it was a really close race ... had we gone from a full stop with him using his LSD/ short first gear i think we would've held off the S500 up to 100mph or more

no hope for the C200 against the supra anymore... It's FIXED !!...darn

11-05-2006, 09:53 PM
MORE BOOST! Oh wait... *shrug*

11-05-2006, 09:55 PM
yes ... 6psi now... can go upto 12.5 psi with a pulley + chip but that's like 5000usd in mods

and still
0-60 / 1/4mile
1994 Toyota Supra 6.9 15.2
2006 S500 5.4 n/a
2005 C200 kompressor 9.1 (6psi)
2005 C230 Kompressor 7.5 mt/ 8.0 at 16.0 sec @ 85.0 mph (11psi)
2005 C230 + kleemann kit 7.0 (12.5psi + header)

11-10-2006, 08:53 PM
2004? RX330 "Teamed with a new five-speed automatic, the RX does the 0-60 dash in 7.8 seconds, almost a second quicker than its predecessor."

I had to let him take the jump as he really wanted to merge into my lane... so then after he came over i followed him... He got ~8 cars on me in 1st gear...we were dead even in 2nd... and in 3rd i started to pull him back slowly.. then he shut it down.

BTW: in talks with renntech...they have my vin (i think they want to verify pulley sizes for the C200)... he he he