View Full Version : haven't been here in a while...

10-02-2006, 04:10 AM
i still have my 90 celica but my dad is using it as a commuter. i traded my '00 r6 for a 94 ram with the 318, 5speed 4x4 with 206k miles on the orig. engine lol!!!! now 211k!! :)

i've had some run ins with ricers with it and although my 5.2 is old ragged and tired i've had my fair share of kills!

i'd have to say it's a little faster than my celica.

i raced my friends 98 grand am v6 with my celica and he inched by. i raced him in my truck and i pulled about 3 cars lol (with 4 ppl in the back of the truck and no one in his car).

the best part is is rollin in with my lifted 94 ram with a/t tires racing ricers in their civics and shit.

just had a run in with an hs ricer. schooled him before second gear was over.

is the truck fast nah.. just fun to fuck around in.

about celica's i took mine for a spin the other day and whew it drives so damn nice... not to mention the gas mileage!

keep rollin' in the celica's they rock!