View Full Version : Sand blasting parts.

09-25-2006, 03:52 PM
I'm looking to cleanup my car a bit, and remove bolts and brackets that have seen better days as well as the insides of my OEM GT rims.

I figure a sand blasting unit of some kind would be best to strip old paint, rust and road crud/brake dust that will not come off with other more conventional cleaners.

How big a unit should I get? Most of the stuff will be small, but I'd like to be able to blast larger items from time to time such as my rims. Can they be used with or without a 'box' (Can I use a desktop model without the box on my driveway and blast my wheels?) or will I need two different types?

I already own a large air compressor with a 25-30 gallon tank (180psi I thing).

What have YOU had success/ failures with. (clogging, bad design, breaks etc...) What else do I need? (vaccum system?, gloves. mask....?)

09-26-2006, 01:00 AM
How much money do you have?
To make any progress on a pile of parts you will need a full size one.
Which is not cheap. Nor small....
It will fit easily in your garage if its' not full, but it's not exactly a desktop tool....

And you will need to get glass bead...