View Full Version : BSA wheels -- where to find?

09-11-2006, 04:59 AM
Been looking for wheels for a bloody long time -- seems like every time I make a decision something happens to require me to put it off.

At this point, I'm focused on a set of 17" Konig Kolors in graphite, nice and light at 16.1 lbs each


-- but the ride quality's a concern. I'd rather pick up a set of 16" to compromise on looks/handling and ride softness, but only just found some I like.

BSA 303

BSA 296

However, damned if I can find a North American distributor for BSA. Any ideas/links?

09-15-2006, 04:08 AM
Ok this is what you do.... For some reason BSA has been going thru changes and sales have sufferd because of it... I had BSA style 220 scuffed one up bad had to order another one TOOK ME FOREVER TO FIND IT.

Just call up BSA's HQ in the US, i forget there # do some searching... If you cant find it after searching tell me and ill try and find it. Call them up ask them for the style you want, tell them you cannot locate the rim anywhere. The guy will be kind enough to call around and find one for you.

Also search around for Edge wheels, they also go by edge instead of BSA or ICE. E-Bay would probable be your best bet... GL.