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09-05-2006, 02:08 PM
OK, kind of a lame ???, but....how does the tonneau /boot cover for the lowered vert top fold....bought my '92 GT vert in May, previous owner never had the tonneau (I'm the 4th owner, I believe...car's been impeccably maintained, but tonneau was "missing" (probably stolen in the past - Toyota dealer quoted me $1200 for a new one...LMAO !!! Luckily, a member of a forum contacted me and sold me his for what I considered a fair price - he had sold his car, and forgot to include the tonneau, and he couldn't contact/locate the buyer afterwards, so he had it sitting around ) According to the owners manual, it folds and stores in a bag of sorts (I don't have the bag...) Does the tonneau simply fold in half (folds easily enough to this position, but still takes up a lot of trunk room) or is there a trick to folding it more compactly ??? Like I said, a lame question, and not terribly important as I usually store it in my garage and not the trunk, but..."enquiring minds want to know"....well, at least this mind wants to know ;)
Thanks in advance for any tips/hints/advice. Now all I have to do is locate a source of weatherstripping for the rear window/roofline....one is missing, one is loose, and I saw a price of 2hundred something $$$ on a Toyota parts site....pretty big bucks for a foot long piece of rubber, eh ???

09-05-2006, 10:37 PM
ive been wondering the same thing about the top cover, good question. hope some one has the answer