View Full Version : GEN 3 Ecu on a Gen 2 3SGTE

09-04-2006, 06:19 AM
Hi i just bougth on ebay a ecu from a SW20, i did this thinking about take off the AFM and make my engine MAP sensored, i know very well electronics, i checked that the plugs on boths ecus are the same numbers, almost the must important pins are the same, can any 1 give me any advice on this, i have a friend in Dominican Republic that made his 2 gen works with the 4EFTE ecu MAP and that thing its kicking on a FX 89' FWD, thanx

09-04-2006, 06:37 AM
The pinouts are different actually. In order for you to do this conversion properly you need the following:

540cc injectors - side feed from a gen3 (550s from a supra work too but you will run mildly rich over stock)
Gen3 map sensor (gen2 is a 2bar, gen3 is a 2.5bar)
Gen3 IAT sensor
Gen3 MAT sensor
Gen3 Ignitor
Gen3 coil
and most importantly, the gen3 ECU.

There are several differences as well in the actual engine itself. Gen2 engine has TVIS so youd have to gut it, or get an MSD switch to make it kick in at a certain RPM. Also gen3 is 8.5:1 compression and gen2 is 8.9:1 compression so the VE curves of the engines are different. The intake manifold is more efficient on a gen3, the cams are better, so the overall VE of the gen3 engine is better than a Gen2. Your car will run, it should run well, but it isnt a perfect conversion.

A more efficient way of doing what you want would be to just find yourself an HKS VPC which converts your car to MAP. Its a blackbox, but it works, and works fairly well.

Good luck.

If you find other information in your search for this, and determine what I gave you is false, or there is a better way of doing it, please post how you did it and what you used in the end if you are able to do it.