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08-29-2006, 04:43 PM
well to start off, My names Derren. I live in Lilburn, GA. I'm around beaver ruin road alot.... I've seen maybe only 10 celicas since i had mine. (6gen or older). I own a 1998 White Totoya Celica GT. Sadly its an automatic. Before i put any "mods" or "cosmetics," i wanted to know the Specs of my car. I tried looking for it, but since i have a 98, i didn't know exactly what i was looking for. And if i did, i'm not sure if is the correct thing. I'm looking for the Engine Number/Engine Code, the chassis number, etc... just the things i NEED to know ...especially if i wanted a manual conversion or GT4 converion, engine swap...etc... I'm not really starting from scratch, i'm just not used to the format of toyota. (even tho the supra is my dream car.) haha

So can anyone help this noobie out?

-> I use to own a silver 1990 Z 5speed non-turbo. ( i love that car.)
Going from FR to FF, i noticed the differences in car control. haha, boy, have i understeered

If anyone can help me out, Thank you.

I do have pics of my car ready if you want them....

08-29-2006, 05:21 PM
You have a 5SFE engine. 2.2L
Chassis is ST204.

Welcome. :)