View Full Version : wow.....go w58 transmisson

08-27-2006, 05:18 PM
so ever since i had the 3rd gen the trans was hard to shift, and the shifter would get hot after a while

so yesterday i go to drain the trans fluid, at first nothing, then maybe 1/2 a quart comes out, ....so im :eek: ....but amaingly no metal shavings, just a burned smell from the plug and the fluid

so i put 2 quarts if pennzoil syncromesh, 1 quart valvoline simi synthetic 80w90 in , and 1/4 a quart of synthic fluid i had laying around to top it off

put it in though the top and while i was in there got the shifter bushing changed out, the old one was litterally warped, and replaced a lil green rubber seat that was shot as well

omg holy hell its like a new transmission :bigthumbu

damn i should check the rear end for it blows

08-27-2006, 05:32 PM
Damn, that's pretty lucky you caught it in time. They do work alot better when lubed and cooled don't they? :hehe:

08-27-2006, 08:00 PM
yeah im going back and trying to fix all the years of negrect and other lil things left for me to fix from the other 5 owners of this car

its a pain, spent this morning fixing the carpet, so its tucked in nice and neat, but yeah i should get to that rear gear soon, at least my engine isnt sludged :bigthumbu