View Full Version : HKS Turbo Timer problem

07-17-2006, 05:28 PM
So amoung other things I tried to install my hks tt, and had somewhat mixed results. I bought the wiring harness for it, hooked that up, found myself a nice ground, hooked up the ebrake sensor, and did NOT hook up the speed sensor and RPM sensor. I Turned on the car and got nothing from the timer, no lights, no display, nadda. So when i went to turn off the car to recheck the connections the engin stayed on, even with the key out. I let it run for a minute or so to see if it would go off, which it did not, so i disconnected the harness to get the car off. So my question is do i need the other 2 wires connected to the ecu to make this thing run properly, and why didn't the TT show any signs of life when I turned the car on?