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noir qc
07-16-2006, 02:16 AM
ok guys.....i searching for an info.....i'm about to import a jdm gt 4 and i would like to know the difference between every jdm model....like the wrc....rc....etc....i want the one with the reversed air scoop....ty

07-16-2006, 03:53 AM
What do you mean by reverse air scoop?

Anyways, here goes.

ST185 = 90-93 awd Celica.
ST205 = 94-99 awd Celica.

Reg JDM ST185. Available in 3 ways.
Narrow or widebody. Both 225 hp. Basically the same one availble in the States, but with a better mapped ecu.
RC [only widebody]. 235 hp. This was the homologation version of the ST185. Came with heat exchanger sprayer [not hooked up], wtaic, larger AFM, ALL had rear LSD, vs some in the regular ST185, shorter final drive, taller 1/2 gears, different hood/bumper cover, lighter front and rear bumpers, and some other misc stuff I can't think of at the moment.
It [homologation version] is available from Europe as the CS [204 hp] or Aus as the GrpA [04hp].

JDM ST205. Available in 2 ways.
regular or WRC.
I believe engine power is the same. 250/5 hp. Supposedly this is underrated.
WRC came with antilag [not hooked up], heat exchanger water spray [not hooked up], double chassis welds, blocks for the rear spoiler to raise it slightly, and it's rumored to have a lsd front diff. I probably missed some, as I've never seen one in person to compare.

noir qc
07-17-2006, 03:42 AM
when i was talking bout reversed air scoop....i think it's the one we can see on your picture....anyway it's the hood that didn't showed on north american gt four...look like the one on the lotus elise...so in conclusion i should import a st185 rc edition more potential in that car than the standard st 185 i believe....ty very much buddy

noir qc
07-17-2006, 03:44 AM
sorry was wrong bout the hood on your picture lol...the other hood i was talking bout lol

07-17-2006, 04:19 AM
Well, there's only 2 hoods availble for the 5th gen.
One is the reg with a scoop [came on most ST185], and the other has a vent[came on homologation ST185], not a reverse scoop.
I currently have the RC one.