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06-22-2006, 10:51 PM
Number 1 My 1985 GT looses ps fluid just about as fast as i can put it in. I'm a shadetree mechanic and haven't even been able to find the ps pump any directions.2. Also, the cruise control is not working. Conected to the firewall is a ... looks like a rubber bellows of some kind with speed control actuator written on it . where can I go to get some idea how this thing works.
3. I also need the passenger side electric mirror and passenger side front sidemarker light assembly and lens.
any help on these questions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Preston :stupid:

06-22-2006, 11:33 PM
the power steering thing could.. LIKELY.. be a fitting on the underside of the PS pump. it looks like a tuning fork and it's made of plastic. threads into the pump and two hoses, a return and an outgoing fit onto the 2 nozzles... i broke a nozzle off mine once, and had the same problem. filling the pump right full would barely get me home from across town.

COULD.. be your problem. i'd check that. gotta get underneath and stick your head between the fire wall and engine on the passenger side to get a good look. or you could feel around for it behind your intake manifold.. i picked up a supra pump from a wrecker. all those generations of Toyota anything use the same PS pump. and a wrecker prollie wouldn't part with just the nozzle.. anyway.. hope that helps.

OH.. crap. is yours RWD? celica/supra style?.. if it is, still uses the same pump, pretty sure, just have no idea where it would be :D

as for your cruise control issue, mine's never worked on my 87 OR 89 celica. dunno if the actuator's fucked, but in theory, you'd need that to drive normal too right?.. -shrug- when i had my dash apart, i noticed a relay or two and (i THINK) a small box under the glove that might have something to do with it.... keep me posted on what you find out dude! :D

p.s. if yours is FWD, i got those parts you're lookin for. if it's RWD... they might fit anyway.. (and look cooler) lemme know