View Full Version : What the hellamacallit

06-01-2006, 04:12 AM
so i knew my a/c compressor was shot , so i went to take it off thinking the system was empty, NOPE, so i poped one of the lines off and GA-BOOOOSH, not a massive white cloud but green goo and freeon went everywhere, im thinking the goo was either leak tracer, or sealer, i see where the a/c was done back in 98 at this place called dans auto air, so it was service and i can see where some of the lines have been replaced.

so i guess its good that the system was holding , but i wonder what that stuff was, at least i replace the nice and hard o rings with new ones, probally replace the rest tomarrow, and clean and fill the system......

FOR FREE, working at a dealership comes in handy B)