View Full Version : Need help ASAP. Clutch question

05-29-2006, 03:47 AM
So my clutch that was installed about 25k ago died a horrible death today (on that note, don't trust toyota reman products, I was stupid to do so).

So I need to order a clutch tomorrow at the latest. I've been searching for a good step up from stock clutch without much loss in drivability. I've found that the centerforce seems to be what I'm looking for, so here's my question. Which one should I order? My cars manufacture date is 10/89, so it is from the funky part of the 90 model year. When I was searching, I ran across a place that claimed that the clutch for the 3sge was the same as the early 90 5sfe clutch. On another site, they say that the 89 5sfe (?) kit and the 90-93 are the same with the exception of clutch diameter. Any help is appreciated!