View Full Version : S52, S53 or S54 tranny?

Luis C
05-23-2006, 03:34 PM
So as everybody knows I was about to sale the Celica to get me an.... S.. S... SUV... there, said it BUT... plans have changed :D I'm keeping the Celi and the SUV will have to wait awhile.

To the point, my synchros in my S52 are reaching the end of their misserable life and Im considering between rebuilding the tranny or getting another from a more recent model (S54)

I considered getting the same tranny from a junkyard BUT it would be more of the same in the long run besides the fact that I dont know how bad would junkyard tranny be or how long would it last or if the synchros would be in worse shape than mine.

Does anybody know if the butterscotch synchro sindrome was solved on the S54 trannys and is a it a direct swap for the S52?

Many thanks