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05-19-2006, 07:39 PM
Hey everybody - I've been reading the forum for quite a while and just decided to join. I'm a huge gearhead but just now getting my nose into the import scene due to turbocharging my buddy's '99 eclipse. I've got a few questions for you if you don't mind helping me. I recently bought a '90 ST that had a rod thrown through the block with the 1.6l from what i been reading is known as the 4afe.

However i've gotten word today of a wrecked 5th gen GT or GT-S car that i'm supposed to go look at whenever the guy is around. I'm looking into doing a swap and building the engine for nothing short of a pocket rocket play toy just to beable to drive and mess around with (but still beable to drive on pump gas). I have intentions on building the 2.2l engine (that i've been reading supposedly comes in the GT's and GT-S cars) But i'm wondering how you tell what one it is? I saw the one thread where some of you've posted and yall said something about either a 5A-FE or a 4age or a 3SGTE. I'm totally not familiar with what can come or what did come in the celica's. Like i said i'm a 'n00b' when it comes to this import stuff but i'm really intrigued at what i could get out of a little economy car.

Basically what do i need to look for (engine specific) when i go look at the car, and would the swap be worth my time. I have all intentions of doing a t3/t4 turbo on this car as well. Fabrication and stuff is no big deal, i'm used to that and i have acces to a CNC machine. And most importantly What kind of headaches would i run into with the wiring harnesses? I have no intentions of leaving the engine stock, the way i look at it if i can build bigass v8 race engines, and figure my way around tricking map sensors and other things in my buddy's eclipse...this cant be too much harder as far as getting more out of the 2.2 that came from the factory.

Thanks for your time! Sorry for all the questions, there isnt anybody around here that has done anything to a 5th gen celica that i can talk to and ask questions. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!


05-19-2006, 11:17 PM
Welcome. :)

5SFE is the 2.2 econo engine.
3SGTE is the 2.0 turbocharged engine.

If you want to turbo it, go with the 3SGTE.
It came in the 87-89 Alltrac[don't bother with this version], 90-93 Alltrac[gen 2], and 90-95 MR2 turbo[also gen 2].
Also, overseas there is a 3rd and 4th version.
And you can get the gen 2 in the 90-93 GT4[overseas version of Alltrac], or 90-93 MR2T [95-99 had the gen 3 overseas]
Gen 2 or 3 is your best bet.
Celica clip will come with a better setup harness and whatnot [for front engine]. But it comes with a awd trans.
MR2 clip is set up for MR2, which is different, but it will have a 2wd trans that can be converted to fwd. Only worth it if you find a LSD trans, IMO.
If you are really going to dig into it, probably gen 2, as the majority of improvements in the gen 3 are bolt on stuff, like ic, turbo, ecu, ect.

Wiring will be a bit of a pain, but not too bad.

Check out the FI [forced induction] section, it's got all the info you need.