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04-29-2006, 08:06 AM
I wrote this up and it went poof before I posted it. It was written to be entertaining, and it is all gone:( so this post contains only the quick and dirty. Version 2 (still long).

To make a long shory short, I had a long list of problems pile up on my ST185. Alltracman78 helped me plow through a lot of it, but we ran out of time, so I had a bit more left to do. Part of the reason why my list grew was fear of the 3sgte. I got over that with Jer after his visit:) We got dirty and killed off mot of my list. Another reason is that every spare penny I had went to bills to keep my shop alive. I t is now gone, and I have play money. Finally, I had very few tools at home. Most of my shop tools were my brother's or my installers.;) Well, Jeremy inspired me to finish my car and taught me that the 3sgte is a puss. I have done a lot of wrenching on my car, but only as far as the BGB can take me, and also my serious tool limitation.

1. Well, I took care of that tonight. I got LOTS of stuff in addition this this beast of a set :) Black anodized set with lazer etched legible sizes in silver:

2. Years ago I bought Kelsport trim pieces in hopes that I can improve them and repro them into something I could sell to the community. Well R&D time and money were not there because of the business. So they just sat. Tonight, I threw on the Kelsport ABS Bling Cover. Wear shades. :cool:

3. Dummy McHack, my mechanic that did my shortblock, broke more than he fixed, and it took him 6 months to do it too. One of the things he broke was the reverse light plug and switch in the tranny. Not anymore!

4. I had to show off my J and S in its ghetto gaugepod. Electrical tape help it long enough for Jeremy and I to partially tune it when he was here. There it remains until my picky ass finds a poc I like. I have been tossing around the idea of having a steering column pod molded in.

5. The antenna never grew to full mast since after my ST185's first IL winter. Not anymore!! (Turn your head)

6. Obligatory night shot of the Eclipse Head Unit and EBC. Not new, but looked nice when I turned the key to turn on the reverse lights.
7. And finally… Jeremy shamed me at the poor wiring job I had going on. It is not that I didn’t care, it was just that every project was done months apart, and I was not in the mood to rerun every old project wire and hose every time I added a new toy. Tonight, I cleaned it up a bit and built a small aluminum bracket to mount the fuse box that has been laying there for almost two years. Look a little cleaner, but I know Jer, would still spit on it:

To tired to check for the typos. Sleepy time.

04-29-2006, 08:42 AM
OMG. Play actually does have a car. jk man.
Great story. You got a lot done.
Looks fantastic.

04-29-2006, 05:06 PM
:) Yes I do have a car. She is just waking up from a two year slumber. Too many things going that took priority. After 12K in upgrades, parts, and repairs, there was no way I could see putting money into her for a while. I didn't want to do anything to break it again, because I defintely did not have the money to fix it. Anything would have put her out of commission, and as a daily driver, that was not an option.

Things have gotten much better financially, so that is not a recurring nightmare anymore. I think I have learned tons more about FI tuning. Before, I knew what and how to add things to get faster, but I learned about the many layers underneath that allow us to do what we do smartly.

I mean what is the first thing people do when first getting into the 3sgte? Throw a boost controller on it and go. That usually starts a cascade of things to start breaking, and they run out of money, and the car is sold again. The 3sgte is a beast when done right. When done only partly right, it begs to break.

Having friends to walk me through stuff, I no longer fear the packed engine bay, and I am confident that I can handle everything shy of dropping the motor myself now(and even that could be done if I had the room). Look for more thing to come. Next is a fuel pump and FPR. After that, I am finally going to have to pick a turbo, larger injectors, and a someway to tune it, whether black box or standalone.

For now, I just got this:

I can finally build my intermediate harness and toss in the GRP-A ECU and larger AFM. That is the ONLY thing still on my list that was some huge and incomplete only a month ago.

Non-tuning wise, I would love to get some nice wheels and some paint; but going fatser is more fun.;) I have never been a blinger. No show all go is my motto.

Correction, I have not been a blinger since 1999. My 93 GT was hugely pimped and slow. Although I was the first to find out that port and polishing a naturally aspirated 5sfe is not worth it. :hehe:

05-01-2006, 05:49 AM
lookin good mang! I like your turbo ride. Are there two catch cans there?