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04-28-2006, 02:29 AM
This is the second time my washer motor has died on me.

The first time I got pissed after I checked out a couple of things and I kicked the box (to see if that would help), believe it or not it worked after that.
So it died again and I tried purcusion maintenance again :squint: and it didn't start working.
I always keep the fluid at a good level so I know I didn't burn out the motor, if that's even possible. I'm just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem?

Luis C
04-28-2006, 03:11 AM
Nope, and I use mine almost every single day

04-28-2006, 03:42 AM
you mean the fluid pump?

never heard of one of them goin...first time for everything I guess

04-28-2006, 04:05 AM
I'm not saying it is the pump for sure. I will investigate tomorrow night after work. I got my gf to hold on the switch, and I listened for the pump.....had my head right on it but no go! I'll update again.

04-28-2006, 04:05 AM
I have the same problem actually with mine right now. All the hoses are connected properly, however my car was garaged over the winter and it took a couple times for the battery to charge up and actually start. I figure its gotta be a fuse that blew, maybe thats the same problem with yours (these things do have fuses right? if so where are they located so I can change mine.)

04-28-2006, 04:11 AM
hmmm ya maybe I'll check that first.....easiest thing to look for to start. I will give an update as to everything I find tomorrow

04-28-2006, 02:50 PM
Hmm...Mine did the exact same thing this past winter. Kicking it is the only thing I haven't tried. I'll let you know how it turns out.

05-01-2006, 04:45 AM
While we're on this topic, is there a seperate resevoir for the rear window washer. My rear doesn't seem to be working. On the other hand my resevoir in the hood has a leak somewhere also but the fronts still spray.

Luis C
05-01-2006, 04:03 PM
Only one reservoir for both window washers, check the rear ejector, it may be clogged with grime, dust or car wax

05-01-2006, 04:40 PM
Only one reservoir for both window washers, check the rear ejector, it may be clogged with grime, dust or car wax

My rear doesn't work, nor do I care!

About my front, I pulled the plastic panels off that cover the resevoir.
You'll see the wire connector come down the outer side.
First thing I did was got a volt meter to check if the signal was going there, so I got my Dad to press the switch and between two of the wiring you see your 12V signal...therefore the signal is being sent, wiring is fine.
So now i went to the motor, it is the black thing that the wiring plugs into. Just grab it and start tugging, it just pushes into the resevoir with a gorumet, when you pull it say good bye to all the fluid!
First thing I noticed is motor was extremely hot, therefore I know the motor was being strained but not doing much. I did a couple of things to clear it up:
unattached line going the the hood and blew into it incase anything was stuck, then started hitting the motor, when I hit it, it would spin then stop, so something is screwed (then i stuck pick in motor and manually turned the rotor..Not advised, but who give a shit if it isn't working anyway) either way after doing that for a while it cleared up and started working again.
My guess is something got in there and the rotor got stuck, since it was so hot and this has happened before I believe some of the windings maybe be damaged so I don't think it will last long! Next time it goes, I replaced it.

Hope that helps guys.
Good luck

05-01-2006, 08:30 PM
I notice when i try to fill it up. The leak actually comes from the area around the passenger side door, parallel to the mirror. Do you guys know if the leak is actually the tubes perhaps or the resevoir?

05-05-2006, 12:39 AM
at that place it's on of the tubes.

05-05-2006, 04:34 AM
Damn, it'll make it that much harder to replace...Thanks!