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04-25-2006, 04:43 AM
I have been looking a getting a new commuter car that gets great gas mpg. I saw a commercial for the Toyota Yaris and went to their website to build me own. To my surprise I found that certain colors and option are offered ONLY GEOGRAPHICALLY! I am totally confused and miffed by that. Either they are controlling what they think I like based on what I live, or their build your own system is corrupt by not telling the truth about what is available in order to steer regional customers to buy what is in stock in their region only. That is pretty low if it is the truth. Well, I had a couple questions, and had a live chat with Colin. He was much help.

Not too exciting, but I had a little fun at the end:

Colin: Hi, my name is Colin. How may I help you?
Jay: I was wondering why the colors listed on the toyota website are not the same as pictured in advertisements?
Jay: I was trying to built the electric blue hatch
Jay: like shown in this chat log window
Colin: The Yaris Liftback will be available in six really cool colors: Absolutely Red, Bayou Blue Metallic, Black Sand Pearl, Blazing Blue Metallic, Meteorite Metallic, and Polar White.
Jay: blazing blue and meteorite metallic are not shown as options at this time on the build your own feature?
Colin: The build your own feature goes off what is readily available in your region
Jay: Secondly, when is the Yaris scheduled to show up on lots for sale and test drives?
Colin: The Yaris was scheduled to arrive and go on sale in showrooms the week of March 20. Be sure to check with your local Toyota dealership for up-to-date availability!
Jay: Back to the colors, will the two missing colors be available eventually? Or is my region not allotted those colors permanently?
Colin: That's something you would have to inquire about at the dealership....we wouldn't have that information
Jay: Finally, I am assuming the picture above is shown with the 18" TRD wheels option? Are 18" wheels really a viable choice for this vehicle?
Colin: The 18" wheels are only available on the Lift Back.
Jay: Cool.
Jay: One more question...
Colin: sure
Jay: What do you think about the fifth generation Toyota Celica All-trac Turbo that was offered in the US from 1990-1993?:hehe:
Colin: I don't know about that. We only have Yaris information.
Jay: I thought you might be a fan of them. I help run a website with thousands of celica fans.
long pause...
Jay: Anyway, thanks for you time colin.
Jay: Have a great night.
Colin: my pleasure
Colin: Thanks for visiting Yaris Chat! It was great chatting with you!

The build your own feature goes off what is readily available in your region

Beware guys. This is a really shady practice. I was ready to look elsewhere until I saw that they were using shady tactics to get me to buy what they have in stock... although I am on the main corporate site. I thought zip codes were for tracking as they tend to want us to think. No, they want you to buy their left overs.

Don't worry, I am not buying one until I can get a demo or one year old car. By then, who knows? I may have gotten something else. This was merely a curiosity. A 106hp VVT-i in a 2000lbs vehicle is not too shabby.

04-25-2006, 04:54 AM
Just telling you what shite colors they have left or will have left.

Gotta SPEICAL ORDERRR the one you want. Swap a 3SGTE in that piece and it would be DOPE.

how much is the msrp? Ive seen commericals for them already.

04-25-2006, 05:04 AM
10K-14K depending on body style, cheaper liftback or the sedan with or without the radical "S" type.:eek2:

04-25-2006, 02:48 PM
so what is the MPG?

04-25-2006, 02:57 PM
Around 40 highway, but we all know Toyota is WAY off on their estimates.

My Highlander was listed at like 28HWY and it is more like 19-20.

Luis C
04-25-2006, 05:14 PM
Yaris has been on sale here for almost 6 years. THEY ARE BULLETPROOF cars and boy can they take a beating, they are pretty fast too.
I had a short run with one on Sunday returning from a short trip. The Yaris was ok until it hit 170 KPH (which I think it is its top speed) after that it was bye bye Kansas, not to mention when we starte going up hill, I lost sight of it in my rearview mirror after awhile

04-25-2006, 06:22 PM
the practice of selling certain color cars in certain geographic regions is a common practice and has been going on for years.

Demographics of the buying public show that certain colors sell better in different areas, so the manufacturers follow that to reduce the number of unsold cars in any given region. I'll bet that if you really want a color the dealer will get it for you and have it shipped.