View Full Version : made the gts shine

04-23-2006, 05:13 AM
sorry no pics due to my cam is broken, (ill get another one soon)

basicly what i did was used a mid grade rubbing compound, then used a color restore which is a slighty abrasive polish, then used some of that turtle wax gloss stuff wax (in a shiney green bottle, got it for 2 dollars from big lots vs 8 bucks at walmart), car looks great even the lil areas i sanded and repainted over are shiney and reflective, not bad considering it was repainted with some sort of macco cheap type paint job, least whoever painted it used clear coat.

all applied with a 6 inch mpv buffer and removed with terry rags, cept the wax i removed it with a microfiber cloth

next i need to clean the wheels, still debatng getting them steam cleaned and be done with it or using a powerball type thing