View Full Version : Advice on which engine to choose (st184)

04-14-2006, 06:41 AM
Hi all

So my darling is finally telling me that a new engine will soon be needed, the current 5s-fe is starting to make rod bearing noises (in 1000km it will be 300,000km on the original engine) So naturally i'm going to replace it with an upgrade.

My dilemma is thus; I had already considered all the options and decided on a 2nd gen 3s-ge engine, as this is a blunt boost in output as a starting point from the poor old 5s and also more tuneable, while being very reliable (read: less parts to break) and better on gas than the other option, the 3s-gte.

Also, the 5s-fe, while gutless is extremely nice to drive, i seldom need to be above 3500rpm no matter what speed of trafic i'm in, Just curious what the stock Gte is like for lag/low end grunt.

That said, the biggest factor that drew me to the 3s-ge was cost; however, writing it out on paper it looks like i'm looking at less than $500 cost difference for parts.

What would you do if your concerns were mine? advice?

(Ps. Forgot to add, this car is currently and will remain a highway commuter first and foremost, so being if one is less suited to that than the other, thats a factor)

04-14-2006, 06:47 AM
The 3S-GE will give you much better gas mileage, if that means anything to you.