View Full Version : plymouth laser vs 05 stang gt w/ i/h/e

04-09-2006, 01:05 PM
theres hardly any action in here, so just thought id post something again, sorry its not a celica.

i went swimming wit a few friends last night, they all had to go home to i went out to cruise speedway for a bit. i ended up at a subway parking lot where everyone chills at, it was pretty late and alot of cars went to the illegals. but a few of my friends where there.

in comes this mustang gt with a very loud exhuast and he is just passing threw to see whats going on. as he is leaving a friend of mine jokingly says "your car is slow" or something like that. one of the passengers instantly calls out "who wants to race this?" thats when everyone i was hangin out with turned to me. i said sure, they have been tellin me to race cars all night long and i have been saying no(i just like to watch) so i walk to my car. 3 people get out of the mustang one guy and 2 girls, i hear the girls calling my car a white peice of shit that is going to get beat and blah blah blah. So we pull to a light infront of the subway, im thinking oh this is going to be easy if we go from a dig, light turns green i slip the clutch at about 4500rpms and my car goes NOWHERE! i shifted into 2nd, and still no where. so i stop put it bakc into 1st and went easy on it and it went. I busted a u, the mustang and me were side to side again at about 40(my sweet spot) we get right infront of the subway again so everyone see's, i give the three honks and punch it, i instantly gain a good distance on him. shift into 3rd and still pulling on him and i shut it down at about 75.

on the way back to the subway he wanted to run again, this time we went from 30 mph(no good for turbo!) i gave the honks, he put me at his back bumper instantly, boost came on for me and i started pulling him in QUICK, shifted into 3rd and missed badly. We turned back in the subway and everyone said i put 4 cars and pulling on the mustang on our good race. i talked to the driver, he seemed like a pretty cool guy, it was the passengers, i was happy to shut them up!
i just wish i could of gone from the dig, i would of really owned him. i guess ima have to save up for a new clutch.