View Full Version : Update on the 85 and the 2000

04-09-2006, 06:12 AM
basicly the tib is still running strong, especailly after i did a fuel injection flush/cleaning yesterday, only probs with it are leaking lower radiator hose(really slow leak) needs a new shift boot and a skrew for the passenger sunvisor, oh and the muffler sounds like its comming apart from the inside
not to bad for 99.5k

the 85 needs a lil more work, rear brake job, rear rotors need cut and possibly new pads , they sill have a good amout of meat left on them but i didnt check them for uneven surface wear.

waiting for my tax return to get here so i can put it on the road legally, needs insurance and a non dealer issued tag (paper tag)

interior is almost done, still need to put in a dash or a dash cap, install my red and black shift boot, put the 6x9s in the rear and put 6.5s in the doors, then ill clean it all up again

motor runs strong, ive found that my front crank seal is leaking as well as the seal for the dizzy, im going to put a new chain set in and do the front crank seal at the same time

i did however put ngk plug wires , toyota oem cap and button on, havent changed plugs yet due to im going to try to externally try to clean the manifold out and seafoam the thing, so i dont foul or carbon up my plugs, well the new ones anyway

then comes new exaust system and at least 2 tires if not 4

and i still need dynamic73 to sell me his hatch and dash :squint:

thats it 4 now