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04-09-2006, 04:13 AM
hey guys,
the coolant in my celica is red and i have a '91 5sfe. Id imagine that the coolant is suppost to be red. II need to put some new coolant in. what coolant should i use and is it ok to leave the coolant in that i have not drained from the block and mix it with new coolant? i know that if u mix some coolant it will make a gel like subsatnce. what coolant should i use and where is the coolant drain on the block?
-thanks :bigthumbu

04-09-2006, 04:36 AM
the best to do is to go to your toyota dealer buy a 4liter long life coolant that you will mix 50/50 with water and a rad flush cleaner...

next you remove some coolant off you rad, and you put the whole rad flush cleaner in you rad, start the engine and let it warm , and when the thermostat open, let it idle 5 minutes then turn it off, next, open the radiator drain cock to fludh the coolant, to flush you engine coolant, there is a 14mm plug in the back of the engine block, remove it, flush the entire coolant, then rinse with water till you see no coolant, eait till there no more water that drop, next, reput the engin plug, don't forget to plus some sealer on the bolt thread to seal... close the rad drain cock, put you mixed coolant, and blead the cooling system! you are good for 32000 kms (about 20,000 mile??)

you can also buy toyota Ultra long life coolant, which is pink, it will last up to 180 000 kms (100 000 miles)

sorry for my english

if you need more info, I can send you a pdf from the shop manual, for the rad flush instructions


04-09-2006, 05:01 AM
awesome post Boris!