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03-18-2006, 04:06 AM
This is my 2001 Toyota Celica horror story.

It was 2004 mid July I was 21 years old living at home, haven’t even had my own 1st cell phone yet but working my first real full time job ever for 6 months. At that that time I was driving a crappy 93 eagle vision that could not go over 35 MPH with out dieing, and about every 10 mph I had to switch form 3ed to drive just to go down the road! Well finlly that car had it so I take a drive around town our “motor city” I was looking for a 1996 ford mustang with the 2.0 leader V8, as I pull in the “motor city” I pass the Toyota lot and I see a Silver 2001 Celica GT-S parked up front. I’m think “sweet, but I could never afford that car!” but I check it out anyways I stop look at it, sit down in the driver seat and fall in love. At that time the sales man opens the door introduces him self asks for my driver license and I take the test drive and that sealed the deal! I called my grandmother to cosign traded in my old car and I was sit. Well after all was said and done with two weeks of fighting with the dealership over financing issues. I just wanted my old car back but it was shipped away and gone, then they try milking me for another two grand so my grandmother (who has perfect credit) got her attorney involved. By the time he was down I got the car for what they paid for it right about 15 grand when they listed it for 21,500 on the lot. So I kept the car! I loved it and now its cheaper so why not? About a month later I take it back to the dealer ships saying that it feels like the clutch is sleeping and I want it looked at, (this happens twice in 6 months) both times they say it was just a little issues and its fixed about 5 months later the clutch goes out! the mechanic I take it to has no idea how it was even running the last 6 months! So I have him put it back together I tow it to the dealer ship and I’m yelling ect.. They offer to fix it and only change me 25% of the cost. I agree, and have it fixed.

About 6 months later im driving to work doing about 35 mph and this F150 changes lanes and stops right in front of me, I hit my brakes but not stopping quick enough. I check my rearview mirror and I see a trash truck tailgating me! So I dive up on the curb screwing my tire, rim and some front lower half of my car body. It’s a few grand to fix with a 500 dollar deductible. I get my car back after the shop ordering the wrong parts ect, after over a month. Well I get my car back and about 3 weeks later life is grate its warm day out, sunny about 8:30 am I stop at a stop sign check both ways no car. I head out in to the intersection. Right then a man turns right out of an ally way hits his gas dose not see me and hits me!!! Luckily he was not going to fast only caused some body damage. After that my insurance company stamps me high risk! And my insurance payments was more then my car payment for 6 months! Time passes pretty much problem free until this last December when I left a family member drive my car I get it back and the clutch is slipping way crazy until it just gives out a few days later. Talk about being mad! He offers to pay but I wanted to put a performance clutch in the car anyways so I can do my work to the car. So I wait until the 1st of this month to afford to have it done. I order the parts my cousin comes over to help out “whose a mechanic” (as much as my corn hole is a mechanic) get my engine ripped way apart and the man has no idea what he is doing so my car sit for a week. Until I have a real mechanic friend come over and finishes the job for about 200 bucks (I work a demanding job with 12 hours shifts no time to do it by myself, much less I lack the know how) well he fixes it I go to drive it off day before yesterday and the linkage for reverse is not hooked up right so he needed to come back by today and fix that, then I go to start it my battery is dead to the point of fully needing to be replaced! I get in my car and head to work car starts to get hot, I pull over it needs more antifreeze so I put more in after letting it cool down.
I start driving away again and it starts getting hot again!!!

Witch leads me to right now and what ever I will do tomorrow… take it to an other mechanic I guess? gerr i love my car but im going crazy here...

03-18-2006, 04:56 AM

1. You have bad luck with idiots in your area
2. insurance going up because of other drivers? I would've told them to go fuck themselves in the ass as none of that was your fault at all.
3. You are letting every and any shmuck work on your car which is why you are having so many problems.
4. That poor car

03-18-2006, 05:36 AM
wish i understood why its over heating..

03-18-2006, 06:00 AM
Punisher, that was the most helpful post I've ever read.

hmmm...you seem to have roughly my luck (I had three cars totalled in a year because of other drivers). As for his insurance rates, in each of those accidents, there's no way to prove it wasn't his fault and generally, if you're side-swiped, go off the road, or rear-end someone, it's your fault unless you can prove otherwise.

Anyhow, as for your coolant issues:

1. Check to see if you're actually losing coolant, or if you're just overheating. To do that I would check all the coolant hoses and connecters, look for any wetness along the bottom of the radiator or motor, or any drip spots where you park your car. Also, look for a little wetness in the passenger footwell. Sometimes it's easier to find leaks when the motor is running (just don't burn yourself). Next, check for white smoke coming from the exhaust, and then I'd look for coolant inside your oil (use the dipstick, if your oil looks like coffee with a lot of creamer, then there's coolant in the oil. Don't rely on the coolant bottle to determine if it's losing coolant. When you overheat the motor coolant will naturally come out so it will appear low.

2. If you find a leak (it's usually just a hose or a clamp) replace the part, refill the motor and see if it's solved the problem. If you're getting wetness in the passenger compartment, it's likely your heater core that's leaking. If so, you can fix it temporarily by bypassing the heater core. Your mechanic friend will be able to help with that (it's very simple). If you've got wetness along the bottom of the radiator, but no leaks in the hoses, then your radiator needs to be replaced (a stop-leak like "Bar's" may help temporarily, but it can reduce your cooling system's effectiveness). Finally, if you're getting a lot of white smoke, or you have coolant in the oil (or you know you are loosing coolant, but can't find where) it's possible you have a blown headgasket or a cracked head (but they are unlikely).

3. If you can't find any leaks, and don't seem to be losing coolant, your overheating problem is being caused by a lack of flow. The first thing I'd do is replace your thermostat (it's very cheap and very easy). After that, I'd get a cooling system flush done. While you're at it, take a good look at the inside of your radiator to see if there's gunk lining the walls, if so, you'll want to consider a new radiator. If the new thermostat and flush didn't solve the problem, and your radiator looks good, then I'd try bypassing the heater core (in case that is where the clog is, it's very quick and easy). If that still doesn't solve your problem, I'd get the water pump replaced (and the timing belt while you're in there).

I had a Buick that had a lot of cooling issues so I basically went through the same thing you're going through (except mine turned out to be a head gasket). Anyhow, I hope this helps.

03-18-2006, 06:09 AM
One more thing to add. While you're doing all this experimentation, don't let your car overheat too much. Follow your owner's manual's recommendations for dealing with a hot engine (usually it's pull off the road, turn the A/C off, turn the heater fans to full power and the temp control as hot as it'll go. If the car doesn't start cooling off, then turn off the motor and wait till it's cool to open the hood). You don't want to overheat it anymore than you have to because you run the risk of damaging the head, gasket, and even the block.

A friend of mine was driving to her grandparent's place and somehow managed to overheat her car so much that the iron block warped.

03-18-2006, 06:51 AM
fawk dude......no wonder they wanted you out the door with that car so bad. it was cursed from the beginning....id get out of that thing before you die er something

03-18-2006, 07:17 AM
Hobbie.. he didn't ask for help.. he was just wrote up a story about his situation.. he never asked us to tell him why his shit is overheating.. lol

03-18-2006, 01:38 PM
That is some rough luck man! The insurance companies could care less whos fault the accident is, they love jacking up premiums, it helps to settle stuff outside insurance if you can.

The clutch story is typical of car stealerships, hopefully you get it sorted! It should be a really reliable car, its a shame its causing so much hassle.

Probably just a minor coolant leak caused by a loose hose removed during the many times your trans has come off.

03-18-2006, 05:43 PM
I have to agree with the soup.. probably a loose or punctured hose.

Take a black light (UV Light) You can get them cheap at a party store..

Scan it all around under your bay to find the leak.. the antifreeze will glow a beautiful bright green.. heh.

IT shouldn't be hard to find the leak. If you can't find anything.. and there is no puddle under your car or nothing.. then I'm afraid it might be the headgasket...