View Full Version : well did some work to the gts

03-08-2006, 12:31 AM
basicly on my 1 hour lunch and ive been staying about and hour after work working on the gts

engine is in good shape overall, put my TRD oil cap on from the stx, needs belts.

pulled all the cracked window molding trim off...ill post pics later

took the factory 85 wheel locks off, that was a bitch

tucked all the carpet that was hanging out back in, cant tell it was ever fucked up now

replaced the radio/shifter trim

sealed up the rust holes on the hatch with rubberized undercoating

pulled the pos radio out

installed driver corner and replaced all the bulbs on the car

so now im looking at suspension, im just gonna throw some monroe sensatracks on it, considering they last long and the are only 22 each for the rear and 40 for the front.

need to get the dash from dynamic73 and the interior would be about 80%

the left front wheel bearing is shot so replacing both inner and outter next week

need at least 2 tires but going to try to get 4 off a friend of mine

and replace hatch, gonna put a celica supra hatch on

then i can go from there

btw i still havta get a tag and insure the thing