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02-21-2006, 02:22 PM
It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a Starlet update, so here goes… For those who don’t know about the Starlet…haven’t been around long enough. Haha.

I have begun to rebuild the transmission and I’ve made some decent progress on it. It will find a home in the race KP for the ’06 season. It’s fully disassembled, 80% cleaned up and parts will be ordered for it soon. It will be getting new synchro rings, along with a transmission gasket kit from the dealer. Then I will price out all the bearings that need to be replaced from a bearing supplier. I did however forget to ask dealer about new thrust washers…but that’s another thing I need to add to the list.

Here’s what’s going on so far:

www.aceengineering.ca/Temp/Transmission/IMG_1393.JPG (notched up reverse idler gear that I’ll be replacing)
www.aceengineering.ca/Temp/Transmission/IMG_1394.JPG (fully gutted transmission case after its solvent bath)
www.aceengineering.ca/Temp/Transmission/IMG_1412.JPG (bead blasted housing, clean enough to eat off of :D)

I still have to glass peen all the gears and install all the new syncrhos’, bearings and gaskets, then the motor is next. :D

Here’s a set of Weber’s that I did for a friend of mine, I was so tempted to steal them! :hehe:

www.aceengineering.ca/Temp/Transmission/IMG_1401.JPG (before)
www.aceengineering.ca/Temp/Transmission/IMG_1408.JPG (after)

That’s all for now! :D

02-21-2006, 02:39 PM
About time Conrad. I was wondering when you would give us an update. Please keep us posted. Looks good. Are you building the car for more power or is the power enough and now you just need to fine tune everything? Cleaning process looks great.

02-21-2006, 04:11 PM
Ya sorry for the delay…I’ve been so extremely busy with my day job and then I’m up late at night building parts for clients and for myself. It gets a bit hectic!

The Starlet last year put out nearly double the Hp at the wheels as a Starlet fresh off the factory floor in 1982 (stock it’s rated at 58hp at the crank). With the engine being built up and everything fresh I am doing this all for the sake of reliability, I’ve had a lot of issues while having the engine putting out double its Hp…but that’s no surprise. Now I have the time, facility and money to do it all correct and have a “bulletproof” setup where I can push a bit harder and have more reliability than in previous years of racing.

The rules might also be changing this year, which will allow me to build a proper exhaust manifold, where as right now I have reused the OEM manifold and added a J-pipe to divert the exhaust gas to the turbo. Not the best setup…but it’s all to stay within my sanctioning body’s solo rules at the time. For now I will be reusing the current turbo setup on the freshly built motor and transmission and if the rules allow then I will rebuild the exhaust manifold, all the lines (oil and coolant), intercooler/intake piping and exhaust to allow for a “smarter” setup.

Basically all the work to the car right now is all for reliability, but I’ll be bumping up the boost from 7psi (what I was running last year) to 10-12psi this year. And when I find time I’ll be putting a Corolla rear end in the car, which has a 4.3:1 drive ratio as compared to the 3.7:1 of the Starlet pumpkin. Then all that will be left is my own projects on the car and finding a LSD for the rolla rear end.

02-21-2006, 05:40 PM
Sick.. that Starlet is going to be crazy at 10-12psi man! Nice work as always ;)