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02-16-2006, 01:34 AM

I'm new to these forums, but have been around on Celispeed for awhile now...

I have a 1993 GT coupe, that i was planning on swapping to 3sgte, but a couple well placed comments by my friends have me second guessing myself.

That aside, i was looking around today, and on Ebay found a 1977 and a 1974 GT. I know about the "22RET" swap, and that would be fun, but i'm more wondering if there is any halfway sane way to get a 3sgte into one...

Another idea sprung on me by one of my friends was getting a Mark II Supra, and looking into engine swaps for that. I've looked online for that, and i've seen some LS1 swaps, and i believe a Lexus V8 swap. I'm more interested in the idea of an engine from a later Supra, possibly a 1JZ.

So, basically i'm just looking if anyone has any information on these swaps, or even information as to why they would be impossible, if that's the case. If they are both pretty much impossible, then i'll just stick with my plan to make my HalfTrac, or maybe save up for an AllTrac.

Thanks in advance,


(If this is in the wrong forum, i apologize. I read all the descriptions, and none of them really fit, so i put it in here.)

02-16-2006, 03:24 AM
Just out of curiosoty what comments did your friends make about the 3sgte. Ive heard nothing but good reports about it. Oh, and by the way welcome aboard.

02-16-2006, 03:27 AM
good to see you've joined this one too, no fight with martin on this board though :laugh:

02-16-2006, 03:42 AM
good to see you've joined this one too, no fight with martin on this board though :laugh:

Thanks Tyrone,

Yeah, and reading through some of the posts here, it seems like there's a lot of info to be had, rather than most of the leading posters not even owning Toyotas anymore.....

Partyball, it wasn't comments about the engine itself, i would LOVE to have one in my Celica, and still would, but it's just not the smartest route for me to go right now... If i did that, that would relegate my current car to project car status, and then weekend warrior afterwards, and i'd rather this car stay my daily driver and drive something that more deserves weekend warrior status.

Plus, i don't really relish dealing with FWD issues after driving my friend's Neon this week.... (1997 ACR @ 292whp/284wtq)

I did a bunch of research today.... Swaps that have been done as far as i can tell:

TA22 or RA22 (71 - 75) - 4A-GZE, 18R-GEU, 3T-GTE, 1UZ-FE

TA23 (76 - 78) - 4A-GZE, 18R-GEU, 3T-GTE, 1G-GTE, 7M-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, 3S-GTE, 1UZ-FE

MA61 (82 - 85) - 7M-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, 1UZ-FE

Looking at this, the first gen Celica doesn't look too appealing to me, but now i'm looking at a couple specifics now...

TA23, i'd be pretty happy with either 3SGTE, 7M-GTE, and 2JZ-GTTE. With the MKII, i'd more than likely go with the 2JZ, as well.

The main problem that i can't figure out, because i would LOVE to build up a 3SGTE is that i can't find any models that used that engine with rwd that's not transverse mount. I know that some of the drag Supras in Japan use the 3sgte, but i haven't been able to track down what they do to make it work...

Obviously, i'd rather do the 76-78 Celica.

Thanks for the welcome though, and if you find any useful info, dump it on me. :D

02-16-2006, 04:50 AM
Welcome Ben!

Hmm, is it the swap that intrigues you, or is that the engine to be had? If you just want a cool engine, in a cool car, why not source a mr2 turbo, or a alltrac?

02-16-2006, 05:28 AM
^ An AllTrac is still in my future, but this swap is really intriguing me, and i really want to do a swap, in general. The Alltrac obviously won't need a swap. Well, maybe a JUN 2.2 stroker at some point... :P

I'm still not sure what engine i'd like to put in the car, between the 2JZGTE or the 3sgte, but i've pretty much decided on the 1977 Celica.

I want RWD, as well... I think EVERYONE needs at least one RWD car. :)

Thanks for the welcome, as well.

02-17-2006, 09:00 AM
you could play with firewall and such, buy an Alltrac and squaz the 4.0L v-8 in there...it's been done with a group A gt-4 5th gen body...it's RWD. A LOT of work looks like it went into that car though. hehe

02-17-2006, 06:58 PM
^True, i could do that.. but that would seem like a waste of an alltrac to me..

I think i saw that car somewhere online, and it did look nice, just not what i was looking to do.