View Full Version : Friends races from last weekend.

02-09-2006, 02:10 AM
I am tryign to stop racing, but it deosnt mean i can go out with friends and watch.

My friend has a 95 gsr integra, which was recently totally re-done, he has jdm type r front end on it, which looks really nice. he has a b20/vtec in it also. since his car is almost complete, we went out cruising, his car has a few problems and it is definatly not as fast as it should be, he is on stock ecu, without the rev limitar, and nothing in terms of tuning.

we cruise around a bit, and come to a meeting spot and everyone comes and gathers around the car. so everyone wants myf riend to race a H22a powered coupe, i rdie along.

first run: we went from a roll, the h22a hit vtak before we did and he just pulled away from us by the end of second gear he was about 4 or 5 cars ahead of us.

we went a few more times with the same results, then the last run we did a low 1st gear roll, we finally got him, shift into second hard, and the stereo falls out of its place blocking third gear, we are still ahead till my friend shifts into 3rd and finds that he cant get it in, then the coupe past us.

Next race was a built b16 crx that is one of or other friends, with pretty much the same results. the crx is one fast honda.

And our last race, We were pulling up a late when a blue m3 with two young guys in it pull next to us, one nods and hte other gives us a thumbs up, the m3 sounded pretty nice, and had a flip screen inside of it. The light turns green and the m3 takes off squelling its tires. The teggy has really bad traction issues even with the falken azenies,so we take off normally, get into 2nd and he punches it, reaches 7900rpms, shifts into 3rd gets a bit of wheel hop catchin up to the m3, then the m3 slows down seeing that we are getting back up to him, we line up, going about 50ish, my friend downshifts into 2nd the engine is screeming, we take off, the rpms are climbing quickly shift, into 3rd at 8700rpms, and have a car and a half on the bmw, we top out 3rd at about 9k rpms and let off with at least 3 cars on the bmw. it was fun, especially since i havnt been out in so long.