View Full Version : Thinkin about gettin a 4th gen...Someone help me out

02-06-2006, 08:42 PM
Well I'm contemplating buying a winter beater, I know I'll definately need one for next year, but this deal just popped up and I need to know if its worth tryin to get.

Its a 1986 Toyota Celica GT (Hatchback)
Brown/Tan exterior
Grey interior
284,000 kms
Rust on front driver fender
Needs 2 rear tires
Needs new muffler
"Could" use a new belt for the power steering pump (so says the owner)
"Could" use a engine reseal
Runs smooth he says, but has a few things that could make it better.
He is asking $700 CAN for this thing, and I need to know if this is worth it. I got a picture of it at home I'll scan and post so I can get your opinion too. The downside is that it is an automatic, if it was a standard I could have just thrown in my 92 GTS' engine and call it a day.

What would be a decent offer for this guy, if one at all? My dad thinks its worth around $300, which I agree with, but for a winter beater, this thing is ideal, i wanted either a 4th or another 5th gen for a winter beater.

Cliffnotes: Needs muffler, 2 tires, belt for p/s, engine reseal

How much am I lookin @ to get this thing runnin to full potential?

Options: Can I throw in my 5SFE and bolt it into the automatic tranny? (My GTS is a standard).
Or if I can pick up a dirt cheap 3SFE to replace the engine, would it be worth it?
Or how much extra am I looking @ to get this thing swapped over to a standard?

Lemme know people :D

02-06-2006, 09:49 PM
Yeah.. you can throw in the 5sfe..(with the harness and shit). I don't think there's an issue with it boltin to the auto tranny..

02-07-2006, 06:33 AM
Any other opinions? Here's my list of things I think I'll need to get this thing in tip-top shape:

1) Swap in 5SFE or 3SFE (Just labor for the 5SFE vs. $300 for a JDM 3SFE)
2) P/S Belt $50?
3) Muffler $30 tops
4) Four new winter tires + steelies $300
5) $100 for own prep work + painting the car either flat black or orange

So the max would be $750 to get this thing running perfectly, or I can spend as little as $450. The tires can obviously wait until next winter so maximum right now would be $450 or $250 (approx.) if I use my own 5SFE.

Should I offer this guy $500? $400? Give me your honest opinion.