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12-31-2004, 07:40 PM
It looks like the FIA is going to push either Michelin or Bridgestone out of competition.


I'm going to tie my conversation about the tyre situation in with also the new FIA 2006 regulations to take the cars from the 3L V10 to the new 2.4L V8.

I think that this is the dulling down of the sport and is BAD news! We're removing competition from different levels of the sport which while not a bad idea because it tries to put put competition in the hands of the drivers, I think it is a bad move for the sport though.

While I think a great percentage of a winning car is the team and engineering and only around 20% of it is the driver (if not less), leveling the playing field by trying to bring everyone to the same point is a bad idea. F1 is the cream of the crop, and in that sense the cream of the crop in engineering.

Now, granted this is my own personal view on the sport and a number of views for it and its future can be looked at. But when it comes to engineering, I think its a biproduct that each year cars and drivers continually get faster and faster. This does not mean we need to put restrictions on V10's or bring cars down to V8's.. getting faster each year to me, is apart of the sport. We need to leave the sport alone and let the teams and developers go nuts! Ok Ok.. Ferrari dominated, but so what! They holds the rest of the teams and the sport to a higher standard! Without such higher marks like that, we wouldn't see progress, someone has to push the sport forward. I just think all these moves by the FIA to reduce speed and team options is counter productive in the 'nature' of F1.

grrr... pisses me off.

12-31-2004, 09:17 PM
The same thing is happening to WRC.. no more forced induction soon :(

I also think it is a backwards step for racing, for the same reasons you do. However, it WILL challenge engineers to develop new ways of producing more power in smaller engines. I do remember reading somewhere about a ~2L V8 that used sport bike heads and pushed over 400hp NA, while being relatively light.

We'll just have to see where it goes.. either way, development of new technology will continue. It just won't be as much fun :(

12-31-2004, 11:16 PM
However, it WILL challenge engineers to develop new ways of producing more power in smaller engines.

...and therefore continue to develop new technologies.

Cutting costs is a popular topic in all levels of professional racing. There really is no good way to do it. There will always be haves and have nots and somebody will always bitch. I don't think it's a step backwards at all, if anything you're going to see higher tech stuff than before. They will still be the fastest and most advanced cars on the planet, now they're just going to sound a little different.