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01-24-2006, 05:16 AM
Well, i'll be the only one here represented by the one and only independant deputy elected in Canada. Mr André Arthur!

Watch him guys ... :hehe:

Too bad to see the Liberals still got too many votes... as well as the Bloc Québécois.. damn it!

The Quebec City Region, and around, saves Québec's face, or tries to, with about 10 Tories.

Montreal region is Liberal & Bloc... they won't ever get a clue, they're a lost cause...

How's you region?

01-24-2006, 05:22 AM
I am pretty sure the Conservatives got every single seat in Alberta. :laugh:

I think Calgary is riding a 30 year shut out of Liberals :hehe:

Know if anyone other than liberal get a seat in Toronto?

01-24-2006, 10:12 PM

Basically, other than Alberta and Saskatchewan, this is a Parliament split into urban (Liberal, NDP) and rural (Conservative, Bloc).

I dunno, we get to see what the Conservatives will be like in government without handing them uncontrolled power.

My voting debate, simplified, went something like this: I don't trust the Liberals to spend my tax dollars on the country rather than themselves, I don't trust the Conservatives with my social programs, and the Greens claim they are all about the environment but are headed by a former Conservative. Sort of left me with the NDP. They've never had more than the balance of power in Parliament, so there hasn't been that "power corrupts" thing going on. And now that they've figured out fiscal responsibility is actually better for society than tax and spend...

Then again, I'm not a party voter. I actually make my mind up during the campaign based upon the parties' track records during the prior term.

01-28-2006, 04:15 PM
I couldn't vote Liberal, too obvious why. Sick to bend over and feel them where i don't want to.

I couldn't vote Bloc, I don't believe in Quebec's separation, it's getting ridiculous to hear the same song over and over. The French gave us to the English and prefered to keep the Guadeloupe, Quebec being "a frozen useless territory". They should give the finger to LouisXV and it's loser gang, not the English winners. But anyway...

I couln't vote Green or NDP. Greens are a joke to me and NDP want's to spend my money for me, which is absolutely not what i want. I knwo what to do with it, tehy are no better than me to decide how to.

I could have voted Conservative. Keeping a minimal set of social programs is ok, stopping their proliferation and the costs coming with them to a minimum is very good to me. But i knew my region's candidate was not gonna win, especially with Andre Arthur as a strong independant candidate.

When André Arthur came in the play, as an independant... i couldn't vote for anyone else. No party line to follow, a very intelligent man with a lot of memory, a very well known polemist, he knows the region, being a talk-radio host in his circonscription. He was a very good choice... and all the province is now stuned by his election. But now the circonscription is one to win for every otehr parties... so it might activate some of the cases that've been on the ice for too long with the liberals.

The worst of all, the biggest military base in Quebec, Valcartier, has polluted the soil with toxic wastes, it contaminated almost every water wells of the residents around. One of the biggest Salmon river is nearby and it's a matter of time for it to be the next target, if nothing gets done. This river is the water source of many towns all along... including mine... Imagine the disaster if decontamination is not done. The Liberals did nothing, even with many citizens dying of "bizarre" causes and cancers. And even though they had the case on file in Ottawa for years... "yeah yeah, we'll do something", "Yeah, we're studying the case", "blablabla (die sucker, die, you are not important)"

I'm so fuckin proud of the Quebec region: 8 tories & 1 independant. 2 other places voted tories, don't even think Montréal, this place is so full of... And now... we are seen by the province, mostly Montreal, like traitors to the separatist cause, like extra-terrestrials, like morons (a show host said so). Morons all you want, i'm proud of us. We are grounded, compared to them, dreamers...