View Full Version : 2005 Scion tC

12-02-2004, 02:52 AM
Like white guys with Afros, small cars are back in style. Leave it to the Japanese car manufacturers to be on the cutting edge of this new trend, just as the American public is clambering to trade in its fleet of pork-burning SUVs for transportation that's actually capable of beating 10 mpg on the highway.

Article (http://sportcompactcarweb.com/features/0411scc_scion/)

12-02-2004, 03:31 AM
Hmm 2900 pound car with 152hp to the wheels. Ran a 15.7 time at the track. Seems like a cool/fun car to drive. I remember on c.net someone posted their personal review on the car. They said it seemed really slugish. I Really like the styling though, it would be awsome if the car was lighter.

12-02-2004, 04:34 AM
i like them. a lot.
he said it seemed sluggish cause he drove an auto. he also said that "compared to the celica" it was sluggish in handeling if i remember correctly