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01-02-2006, 01:35 PM
Hi, on december the 28th, my girlfriend and I had an accident... Some woman ran into us with a Renault Clio. We were in a Toyota Starlet EP70 1987. I tryed to escape, maked a jump start but it was too late, she jumped us from behind...:)

Now, the Starlet is smashed from behind, I have to note the estimated damage, the easyest way to do this is to call Toyota, tell them the ser no of the parts and they tell me the price, or just ask them about the particular part...

Is there a web page with all these numbers and specs? And where can I find it...? :cool:

(sorry, I am still a bit f.. up, my neck hurt, my head wants to explode and I can't stand this blinkin of the PC monitor, so I can't be on the net long... thanks) :(


if you are hasitatting about instaling a Sparco, MOMO, RECARO or any other seat in your car- please do it! It is worth every pen... I was driving, i had the Sparco seat, my girlfriend was in a standard one... she got ti the worst way... she has hadache, her back hurts, arms are numb... she can't sleep... I bumpped my head in the seat, my back hurt too, but in general, I am ok...)

Watch for the kamikazee on ice and snow with summer tyres and a drinking problem... :eek:

02-11-2007, 06:24 PM
Damn man, that sucks.

Unfortunately I don't know of anywhere that has all the P#s available. Especially for an older car like that.
You are probably going to have to go to a dealership and get the p#s and prices.