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12-22-2005, 01:05 PM
Howdy guys.

Well some of you will have read about my performance issue, for those that dont know, I'll brief you.

Basically I am a new Toyota Celica GT-Four owner, its a 1990 model Jap Import.

I had the car about a week now, and having previously owned Calibra Turbos and Nissan 200 SX Turbos, I was VERY dissapointed with the performance of the Celica GT Four :( its not even close to the performance levels of the previous cars I have had.

I feel one of the problems could be a boost issue, it certainly doesnt put you back in your seat like the cars above, so I have been out and got a Boost Gauge and after much faffin about, have installed it :)

What I have found, is that I am getting 9psi of boost in ALL gears :)

What I wanted to do was get a boost gauge and see what I was getting then get a boost controller and turn up the boost, and was a little concerned as I have read about disconnecting valves and all sorts, but from what I have also read, shouldnt the boost be limited in 1st and 2nd gear ? and because mine isnt, what could that mean ?

Maybe its got a boost valve on it already but set low, I dont even know where to look, what else could it mean ? could it mean that the vsv valve or whatever its called has already been disabled ?

So where do I go from here guys, I want to up the boost to what I can run without problems, from what I have learned that seams to be around 12psi, which would give me a 33% boost increase over what I have at the moment.

So any ideas on why I am getting 9psi in all gears as to whats been done to it, and will turning the boost up to 12psi make a drastic difference?

MANY thanks guys.

Matt :)

12-22-2005, 03:44 PM
Post this in the FI (Forced Induction) Forum and the replies will flood in.

Good luck and welcome to the fold.

12-22-2005, 08:20 PM
but from what I have also read, shouldnt the boost be limited in 1st and 2nd gear ?
That is a myth. I don't know where it came from, but it's been around a while.
Ignore it.

As for bumping to 12psi, it will make it a bit faster.
A full 3" exhaust and a straight intake will make a even bigger difference.
Also, You might want to look at a larger turbo.
Either the MIII Supra [you have to swap the exhaust housing with the Celica one, clock the compressor housing, and make the wg actuator work]
You can also pick up a CT27 [ www.atsracing.net (http://www.atsracing.net/) ]

Straight intake

You can also try www.fensport.co.uk (http://www.fensport.co.uk/)