View Full Version : Drag Racing Tips

12-21-2005, 12:28 AM
To help those of us into drag racing, supply us with your tips which netted you that good time.

Things i've learnt so far.
1) Wheel spin is killing your time. At the drags, although i have 4wd, i still suffer wheelspin off the line which can and did hurt my time. The run which i got the 13.6 time, i had a quick chirp off the line. No wheelspin.

2) Keep it smooth. Rushing your shifts and your clutch action being jerky will also affect the flow of your car. Smooth is the key

3) Remove the Bling. The downfall which i see alot of guys at the drags suffer on there times, is using Big Heavy Wheels. Bling is for the street, keep it that way. Remove your 18" wheels, and put the 14" stockies back on, with GOOD rubber. This will improve your time 2 ways, less rotation weight, and better gearing. Another idea, is if you can get away with it. For the FWD guys, get the biggest fattest tires you can on the front tires, and the thinnest tires on the back.

4) You don't have to rev out the bugger. This is another big one. What is the point of revving out your engine, if it isn't making any power? Drag racing is about torque, sticking in the meat of the torque will net you much better times.

5) Free Weight Reduction Wanna save a few pounds? Then remove the easy stuff. Spare wheel, jack, almost empty fuel tank. If you want to go further, all the seats.

6) Need More Grip? Then reduce your tire pressure. Run around 16psi on the strip, which will make the tire use all of its contact patch.

7) Nailing the Start Start moving on the last amber light, by the time you react, it'll be time to go.