View Full Version : Ontario Celica Meet

12-18-2005, 12:33 AM
Well there are a few people on here I haven't meet. This will be location will be TBA in a few days but in Ontario. so if your 3 or 4hrs drive that means your invited too.

I know a couple of the 5th & 4th gen owners, and I know alot of you guys have parked your cars, but Some of the guys from Alltrac.net are gonna be meeting over the holidays maybe just after xmas or just before.

Possible dates
Friday 23rd, 2005
Wednesday 28th, 2005
Thrusday 29th, 2005
Friday 30th, 2005

I know there are 3 alltrac guys in the area that will be coming, if you have a better date then post it up, and I know its short notice, but some people have holidays which means time off. I feel a little bad cuse I would rather spend time with my fellow celica owners then some of my own family :hehe:

12-21-2005, 01:56 AM
from the other boards it looks like the 27th or 28 after christmas but before newyears.

Date 27th or 28th of dec.
Time: 6pm or 7pm
Location: TBA (401 & mavis or 403 & mavis)