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12-27-2004, 04:23 AM
how much is it to replace one on a d15 civic,

i havent taken the cover off yet, but can i possibly remove the motor moount (right one) and then just put the new timing belt on, is it as easy as that or not?

do i have to get the timing redone, how much does this cost?



12-27-2004, 05:29 AM
I'll help as much as I can not knowing exactly what you want to know.

If your asking....."how much would a shop charge me to replace my timing belt?" then thats a tough question because all shops do not charge the same shop rate nor do they all use the same quality parts. This question should be answered by the shop doing the work in "quote" form.

If your asking "how much do the parts cost to do the job myself?" then this is again a tricky question because the price will change depending on where you get the parts from. And also exactly whay you need. It is very hard to say exactly what you need till you get in there. Idler pulley bearings could be going bad, the water pump may be starting to leak ect, ect, ect....
You could approach it in the mindset that your just going to replace everything under the timing cover and purchase the parts accordingly. I would reccommend OE so that could get spendy. Then again you have'nt even supplied enough info for a estimation. What year civic? 8v D-15 or 16v D-15? I have to assume from this point.

A t-belt will cost probibly about $40
A t-belt tensioner probibly about $65
A Crank seal prbibly about $8
a cam seal about $8
A water pump probibly about $50-80

If your question "is how hard is it to do myself?" then I ask you how hard do you think it is? Cause I think it's pretty easy, but then I have extensive experiance in this area. I have no clue what kind of experiance you have. But the level of difficulty this would be rated would be differant from person to person depending on their expericance or level of compriehension. The labor manual says it's about 2.5 hours
And I must warn you that this is a interferance engine meaning that you must be very carful to get the cam timing correct and/or not turn over the engine while the timing belt is off bacause you may bend a valve due to the piston hitting the valve. This would cause major damage requiring the cylinder head to be removed for repair to valvetrain.














Here are a few technical drawings of the sevice precedures outlining the repair. I reccommend however getting a service manual if you plan on doing the repair yourself.

Please ask more specific questions for better answers and supply more information so that the answers can be more accurate.

Also not do flame you or anything but what are you doing asking Honda questions in a toyota celica forum?
Not to discurage you from hanging out here but there are other forums that can answer this question with great expertise such as....
http://www.honda-tech.com/ (http://)

good luck

12-27-2004, 03:06 PM
wow that looks like a pain in the butt, if i buy the car ill make him change it b4 i take the car ;) thx!

12-27-2004, 05:09 PM
i did ask at carolinahondas.com but they're a bunch of smart asses. thanks for the help though!