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12-06-2005, 01:47 AM
If your not up on open-wheel racing.. well.. *smack* you should be. There is more out there than just NASCAR.. ok, enough ranting on my personal opinion.

A1GP is a new series this year in which drivers and teams are respresentative of their country. So a Chinese driver would only drive for China, an Australian driver would only driver for Australia and so on.

While A1GP is no Formula One, its still great to watch and thanks to A1GP online we are able to watch the most recent race for free! If you have a high speed connection, I suggest you check it out!

A1GP of Malaysia (http://media.a1gp.com/MediaPlayer/Default.asp?ID=5)

The race weekends are broken into two stints. The first is a sprint race which has no stops and no tire changes from a rolling start. This race provided a great spectical between the Swiss and France! The feature race is a full race and again I suggest you check it out! A very unique feature to this series is the addition of a boost setup in which the driver has a number of times he can use extra hp to try to defend or take a position. While these cars can lap around 20 seconds slower than an F1 car, its still full of action and worth a look!