View Full Version : HELP! I f***ed up.

11-30-2005, 10:22 PM
So I was attempting to make a Christmas siggy.. I totally fucked up somewhere. I was attempting to do a gif animation(I've never used ImageReady until last night). I used Photoshop to resize all the pictures(I read that it's easier that way). I then saved them xmas1, xmas2, etc. like that and then put them in the order I wanted them displayed so I can just *Import Folder as Frames*.

When I imported.. it fucked up.. I don't know what the hell happened.. Can somebody**cough cosmic cough** give me a hand? Either do it, or explain WTF I did wrong...

PS.. here's the link to the pic's I'm trying to use.



11-30-2005, 11:13 PM
You want those images? ...

I think your best bet would be to create one image in photoshop with each of those images pasted in as individual layers. Then "Jump To..." ImageReady.

You can then use the animation window to duplicate frames, and then adjust layer opacity in each frames to show the frames that you want.

I can give it a shot later, if you want. Thought I would let you try it first though.

12-01-2005, 12:55 AM
I'll play around at home..

So if I understood you correctly...

take the xmas1 shot...

then added an addl. layer w/ xmas2 and then xmas3 and so on..(i'll end up with a picture with 13 or so layers..)

then open it in image ready right, select the time stuff.. and it's good then?

12-01-2005, 12:58 AM
I found this here upon some further digging..

Does this sum it up about right?

1. We'll make SIMPLE animated AV. Open up a new canvas in Photoshop, 100x100, transparent, RGB settings.

2. Press 'D' to reset your colour pallette and use black to paint the base layer. Name it 'base.'

3. Right click on the base layer and choose 'duplicate layer.' Paint it white and name it Second Base.

4. Right click the 2nd layer and choose free transform.

5. Transform it to 95% width and 95% height. Press Enter.

6. Click the layer visibility button on your base layer [to make it invisible]. [Second Base should still be selected as this is what we're going to play with.]

7. Use your select tool to Select the top 1/3 of the second base layer. Right click and Layer Via Cut. Name it Second Base A.

8 Repeat step 7 with the layer that is still called second base. Rename the new layer Second Base B. When you've done it right, you'll have Base, Second Base, Second Base B and Second Base A.

9 Stroke all of the Second Base layers in 1px Black.

10. Select your text tool and in Second Base A, type STEAL. In Second Base B, type THIS. In Second Base, type AVATAR. [Use whatever font you like.] Unselect your text tool [or else it will not let you jump, which is our next step], just click the select tool.

11. On your Tools Bar, click the Jump-To button. It will auto-load image ready for you.

12. Now you should see adobe image-ready and on the top left you'll see your original graphic, on the right you'll see your layers and on the bottom you'll see a window that says 'animation.'

13. Inside your layers window, click the visiblity control on each of your text layers and make them invisible. Click the visibility control on each of the white boxes as well.

14. Duplicate your current frame. In the second frame, click the visibility frame on Second Base.

15. Duplicate your current frame. Now click the visibility control on Second Base B.

16. Duplicate your current frame. Now click the visiblity control on Second Base A.

17. Duplicate your current frame. Now click the visiblity control on Text Layer 'STEAL'

18. Duplicate your current frame. Now click the visiblity control on Text Layer 'THIS'.

19. Duplicate your current frame. Now click the visiblity control on Text Layer 'AVATAR'.