View Full Version : Someone... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

11-29-2005, 11:53 PM
Ok... short and sweet. I have had so many problems w/ my Gts w/ a 3sgte swap. I live In Rome Ga about1hr north of ATL. I need a PRO and a great repair shop that I can trust to find this damn problem and fix it once and for good...... DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY SHOPS NEAR OR FAR OF MY LOCATION THAT YOU WOULD TRUST W/ YOUR BABY? I neeeeeed this problem fixed, I have fooled with it for 4 months now and im sick of it. A shop and shop regardless of $$ I just want this fixed by a trusted Pro that would work on a SWAP and know what they are doing.... please help before I :ar: the shit out of my car... Thanks guys I WILL BE CHECKING THIS POST FREQUENTLY so I would like to know soon..... thanks once again!!!!! :ugh:
PS Please include a phone number... location.. and a website to the shop :)

11-30-2005, 04:29 AM
Aaron. What is up? Haven't seen you out in a while. Danny(with the Gold Integra) said that everyone hated you. I wondered why you haven't been in town.I'm not really sure about any shops around here that would know about the swap. Does it have to be a PRO that looks at it. I am sure me and Donnie could check it out. Let me know dude.