View Full Version : Played with American Muscle last Friday.

11-23-2005, 03:37 AM
Last Friday i had nothing to do, so me and one of my friends decided to go out cruising on Speedway(whereeveryon cruises in tucson), we happen to spot a red nova with a black cowl induction style hood, racing seats, harnesses, roll cage, the whole 9 yards. so me and my friend instantly start messing with him trying to get him to race, he finally catches on and the nova keeps on reving his engine, which was loud as hell, it has side exit exhuast, sounded very mean, but there was way to much traffic. We finally just gave up on the race, and me and my friend turned around and continued cruising.

so i see the nova a few minutes later cruising on the other side of the road, all in the open with no traffic, so i turn around and myf riend follows me and we catch up to him, there was absolutly no traffic. so i hear the nova downshift, so i do the same, we both take off, i take off just a bit before him i pull about 2 cars on him by the time i shift into 3rd then i pulled just a bit more, then stopped. So we line up again, this time the take off was a bit more even, but with the same results. so then we catch a light together, and i was thinking alright time to emberass him with the AWD launch..haha, but he says he didnt want to go from a stop. so we do another roll this time at about 30ish, and i honk 3 times, he gets the jump on me right away while my turbo is spoolin, i hit full boost and start pulling him it, redline comes, try shifting into 3rd but missed. i was right next to him as i was shifting.

i talked to him a lil bit later, he said he had a 350 in it, it looked like it had some stuff done to it, but i do not know to much about those cars, he said his mechanic who built it said it will do a 12 in the 1/4 mile, then i told him my best was a 15 with a few problems, and he seemed kidn of bummed to hear that...lol. That night my injectors were maxxing out at about 5900 rpms and my car stopped pulling, and i had 3 boost leaks, in different spots.

my friend raced him a lil bit later that night with his 87 shelby charger GLHS turbo, and had teh same results as me, maybe just a lil bit better. his car is just a bit faster than mine.

Doctor Jinxed
11-23-2005, 06:32 AM
nice kill, too bad you didn't get to slaughter him from a dig though. lol

11-24-2005, 02:27 AM
yeah, i hardly ever race from a dig, cuz its hard on the car, but i enjoy embarrasing fwd/rwd cars off the line, with the awd pwnage.

a couple days ago i was driving and a 3.5l maxima is driving next to me, out of no where he downshifts and takes off, so i do the same and catch up to him and pass, we come up to a light and he tells me my car is fast, and he wants to go from a dig, i laughed and asked if he was serious, so we went i pulled a solid 3 cars on him by the time i was shifting into 2nd

11-24-2005, 11:24 PM
:) i read ur sn and was like fivesfe takin on a nova... lol

then i saw ur siggy and i was like oh...

funny how ppl get cars "built" for them and the mechanics lie about how fast they are while the guys agreee lol.

11-26-2005, 03:00 AM
lol yeah, i used to have a 93 gt coupe, but it was totaled by a woman in a jeep, i couldnt really find another 5th gen in my area that i liked, and there are hardly any alltracs in AZ, or MR2's, so i ended up getting a DSM.

yeah that guy is goign to be disapointed when he does take it to the track, that night i would say my car was good for a mid to low 14 second pass, i hate boost leaks. lol