View Full Version : 78 celica gt alternator wtf.

11-22-2005, 07:08 PM
Here's one for you. I have replaced the alt. in my 78', and now the engine will not shut off when the ingition is turned off and the key removed. This is the second alt. I have tried, as there was some question at the local parts store about the internal wiring on 78' alts. I've tried both now, with the same results. The first alt. lasted a week, and the internal reg. blew. The "engine" fuse in the dash also blew, after which the ignition did turn off the engine, after I replaced the fuse, no ingition shut off. The alt. has two wires in the connector, green and blue, as well as the large white "b" wire to the 10mm bolt. Does anyone have a diagram for the 78 charge system? My chiltons does not cover the alt. or charge sys. very well, and I am stumped.
This all started when my girlfriend gave someone a jump, and evidently got it wrong. I have tested the ignitor on the coil, and the "charge lamp relay" on the fire wall. Did I miss a fuse-link or something? Please help!